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24th and 25th November 2012 NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival - New Plymouth, New Zealand

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This looks EPIC. And its only the start of the year!! Not only is the artist line up already looking like a collectors (or tattoers' alike!) wet dream, the location for the festival looks like paradise. Disclaimer - I have in no way, shape or form been paid for this lol. (Look at the photos and you'll completely understand what I mean and why I pointed it out ;) )... (in saying that if they want to pay me I would let them)

From the website NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

"Welcome to the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival website. November 2012, New Plymouth will again play host to the New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival, which has proven to be the biggest and boldest of its kind in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival, promoted by Oni Events will showcase some of the top international and local tattoo artists and expose the public to the history, art and culture of tattooing. Along with tattooing, the festival will feature live music, burlesque, art exhibitions, tattoo competitions, graffiti art displays and more."

*ARTISTS* (some of, so far)

Nikko Hurtado (USA)

Dan Smith (USA)

Nikole Lowe (UK)

@chad koeplinger (USA)

Steve Byrne (USA)

Sabado (JPN)

Chicago Tattoo Co. (USA)

@mario desa

@Nick Colella

Eric Gillespie

Horimasa (JPN)

Black Throne Tattoo (AUS)

- Rachi Brains

- Clint Steele

- Alison Manners

Horishin (JPN)

Horiken (JPN)

David Cavalcante (USA)

Chopstick Tattoo (JPN)

- Hori Benny

- Wataru

Sacred Tattoo (NZ)

- Dean Sacred

- Dan Andersen

- Hamish McLauchlan

- Capilli Tupou

- Mark Tumaru

Green Lotus Tattoo (AUS)

Korpus Tattoo (AUS)

Simon Erl (UK)

Third Eye Tattoo (AUS)

Chapel Tattoo (AUS)

5 Star tattoo (AUS)

Westside Tattoo (AUS)

Dynamic Tattoo (AUS)

True Love Tattoo (AUS)


And a whooooooooooooooole lot of others. With more to be added I can pretty much guarantee. I'll update when more information goes up but for now here is the important info:

What: The NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival

Where: New Plymouth, New Zealand

When: 24th & 25th of November 2012

Artists: A shit load! NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

Cost: I have no idea. Will update when it goes live.

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@WeRnDoG - I don't know to much about the NZ studios/artists (I know a couple but researching the rest now) but if there are any highlights people should know about and feel like sharing, please by all means do so :)

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I think just reading through the names of the artists attending this convention you feel it has taken a big step forward from last year. A lot of top notch artists making their first visit to NZ which is cool and especially being in New Plymouth. New Plymouth is a fairly small town,population of about 70,000 situated on the west coast of the north island. It makes a nice change from having conventions in Auckland,which is NZ's largest city ( 1.5 Mill. ) and not too different from any other big city in the world. For me Chad Koeplinger is a big highlight, im sure he will be very busy, not sure if he has been to NZ before? I personally have swung more towards japanese style tattoos and have basically planned the rest of my space to this style. i am hoping to be tattooed by one of your fellow aussies Owen Williams from Melbourne. It is going to be an awesome weekend,I hope the weather is kind like last year with not a cloud in the sky for the two days.

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With the prices or airfares from Australia, and a few friends working this convention, me thinks it might be a really nice way to end the year. The line up could only get better from here! Maybe the first NZ LST get together could be on the cards? haha

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AUCKLAND TATTOO STUDIO - MERV O'CONNOR - 64 Ponsonby Rd Ponsonby Auckland Auckland

Merv O'Connor oldest living tattooer in New Zealand. He operates out of Auckland and not sure if he will be there, but he's a good guy that puts on a solid tattoo and he won't be doing it for much longer. My friend had the oppurtunity to work at his shop during 2011.

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Bump this old thread up,

Would love to go to this , unfortunately I will be arriving home on the 24th of november from the Philippines (surf trip) so not really possible.

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