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Handmade Japanese Tattoo Book Lg Format 1973 Yakuza, Dragon Full body

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I have just purchased this book,

handmade Japanese Tattoo Book Lg Format 1973 Yakuza, Dragon Full body

Does anyone know anything about it? or Translate any of it?

Any sites I can go find out about it see if I was ripped off lol

Pics below :)

Those are not our sheets I swear :D













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Well after asking a few people, here that book usually goes for around 24,000 yen. But you got yourself something special there.

Fun fact: the title is written in very old kanji, so when I was asking my wife about it she said " I don't know I can't read it, this name is to old."

Thank you for letting me know atleast some information :)

I paid around £90.00. So it seems like a good deal?

I dont want to sell it but would rather learn about it, so is there any sites I can go ask for more in depth information or anywhere else I might be able to find out more?

Thanks again!

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This is what was written about the book when I bought it, It might help some more.

In all of my years of collecting and working with tattoo art sources, I have never seen another one. It is 15" x 10.5", 200+ pages, 2 1/2" thick.

It comprises prints of the work of many of the world's most reknowned Japanese tattoo artists, such as Horiyoshi III, Horitaka, Hori-Goro, Hori-Mono, Hori-Hide, Hori-Cho and many many more.

After the introductory pages and a layer of rice paper are sets of black heavy, heavy construction-type paper. On the right is a silver-printed index of the tattoo work with the title (such as Dragon) and the artist's name is Kanji and English. On the left side, a handmade print is hand-cut-out and affixed with adhesive to the black construction paper backing.

This entire book is handmade! On some pieces, a double-wide page of black baking paper is used which folds out to 17x15 onto which multiple images of the same tattoo are affixed. At the end, there is a 30-page black on white history written in Kanji. I believe this gives background information. The condition of the book is overall excellent. Inside the book, the spine needs a little repair but it is not necessary. After all, this is a 40-year-old book.

It came from a bookshop owned by someone related to the very famous tattoo master Cliff Raven who was a contemporary of Don Ed Hardy. There is light wear on the jacket and a few dusty areas that can be cleaned off. This is a reference work of the artists that define that style, grace and history of Japanese Tattooing. I'm sure that very very few were made and it must have been incredibly expensive since it's handmade.

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