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black flag reunites.. twice.


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i def agree pre-rollins is better. a lot better even. but bf with rollins still cranked out some great shit- damaged lp, every lp was atleast "ok", but had one or two classics songs on it- my war, loose nut, annihilate, black coffee, slip it in, etc, etc.

i hear what youre saying, but its so far from shit..

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last i heard from ginn he was doing more country-folky (if i can remember right) with his texas band or whatever it was called. kind of suprised ginn with mike v, or mike v really with anybody would be bad. oh well..

also, i didnt really put my opinion out there on this, just cause id rather wait to see. morris still has it. if you can deal with his rants and general negativity, hes still good. id like to see FLAG play.

- - - Updated - - -

but yeah, fuck greg ginn.

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