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Hey Folks,

I'm looking for recommendations on a good artist for bonji characters. These are Japanese sanskrit characters from esoteric Buddhism. Troy Denning from Invisible NYC has a great set of bonji around his neck. I'm trying to find out who did them; hopefully someone from within his shop as I'm local to NYC. I have great work from Henning and Rubendall, but just looking to branch out my collection. I was hoping to get Thomas Hooper but he couldn't squeeze me in his schedule due to him moving in June. He would have been the best choice in my mind as he is highly knowledgeable in esoteric Buddhism. I was considering Chris O'Donnell as well.

Like to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!

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it might be worth asking Henning or Rubendall for their opinion, at your next session. hell... they might even know who did Troy Denning's.

Yes, I was going to ask Mike when I see him in March again. Hell, I might just ask him to do it. But O'Donnell happens to be there, I might hit him up too and he's really good friends with Denning.

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@ironchef , Kiku from Invisible did Troy's larger bonji, Jondix did the smaller ones inbetween the ones that Kiku did...

Awesome! I thought as much but wasn't sure! I'll have to stop in one day and see if I can arrange something! Thank you!

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Reviving an oldie but a goodie. Who can tell me if Bonji is the same as Sanskrit? My Google research has turned up nothing so far. I'm wanting to cap off my sleeves with the words for "wisdom" and "compassion" and don't want to end up with "miso soup." Also how esoteric is this knowledge? If I'm going to seek out one of the real heavy-hitter Japanese-style tattooers I'm gonna want more than a little script.

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