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Does anyone have any scrimshaw styled tattoos? Or have any of you even heard of this style?

There is an artist in NY by the name of Duke Riley who does this style and kills it. An artist in Fort Wayne I go to has dipped into this style and it has become one of my favorites for sure. I would be really cool to see any scrimshaw pieces any of you have? I have a few pieces I had done on me that I will post later on.

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Just wanted to say that I came across Duke Riley a few months back and TOTALLY dig his stuff! I'd love to get some work from him sometime!

Not sure if you posted photos of your scrimshaw already, but I'd love to see them.

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I never knew scrimshaw was a term for it, that's rad. I've often admired this style of tattooing and not really known what to call it, other than "looks like an etching or lithograph."

One of my favorite artists who works in this style (and I feel almost bad because I am constantly telling people about his work, I just really think it's so beautiful) is Max Buchi. He travels a lot, mostly between New York and London these days.

some good stuff:




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