CBS News Piece on Tattoos and Domestic Violence

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How common is this really? Stuff like this can easily be misconstrued as the rule for the whole of women who end up with a man's name on them. I do feel bad for that rape victim though.

I've seen it :(

I don't know how *common* it is... but I know it happens out there...

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Or fathers/father figures need to teach boys how to be men; this stuff starts early. Just my .02

I agree wholeheartedly. My wife and I strive to set a good example for our kids. It always warms my heart to see my boy do the simple little things like open the door for someone, share with kids at school, and just generally try to be a good little dude.

The flip side to this, and it relates to the article in certain ways, is that we teach him and my daughter (especially my daughter) that they deserve that same respect in return. Also that they should gravitate towards those that treat them well.

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