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My name is Brianna, I am currently an apprentice at a shop in upstate NY. I am not usually someone who likes to have a presence on internet forums, but this one is really positive and a great place for tattooers to talk, learn etc. and for collectors to actually get informed about getting tattooed.... and getting good tattoos.... Like a ray of light in a sea of infinity signs, if you will.

Ok, being more serious again though, this site seems like a great resource to get exposure to some new perspectives and I hope that at some point I can contribute positively as well. At this point I have only done a few (maybe 20ish?) small tattoos, I posted a few pics in my gallery but am not a huge fan of talking (or writing) about myself either, so am going to keep this kinda brief :)


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cltattooing, thanks :) I did my first one (the Bender) around mid April, I have done about 20 - 25 small tattoos so far, so... not for very long... but I figured that the sooner I open myself up to critique, the sooner I can (hopefully) correct anything that might otherwise develop into a bad habit...

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    • Hi guys, so I recently got a cover up and it's a little over 2 weeks in the healing process. I'm finally starting to like it, but it doesn't fully cover up my old tattoo! There are hints of the old tattoo still showing through (where the arrows in the picture point to the faint black curved line). Is there any way to fix this and cover this part up better? Can I just go back for a touch up and maybe have the tattoo artist go over it one more time with some shading and yellow ink? Thanks for the advice.
    • There's nothing to fix on that tattoo. It's still healing. Tattoos look weird when they are healing. A lot of people say to give it 6 weeks to heal and then judge, but I'd given it longer, at least three months. It shouldn't be shiny or bumpy then.  Secondly, a tattoo is not a sticker. No tattoo is perfect. Tattoos do not heal exactly the way they looked when they were first done. Skin is a living canvas and that means lines often spread or color migrates. It would be ridiculous to go back to your artist to get that "fixed." If you can't live with minor imperfections, then tattoos aren't for you. 
    • Tattoos in general fade with time. Trying to do anything to it while maintaining the original design is going to make a mess of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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