Hello, a quick introduction...

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My name is Brianna, I am currently an apprentice at a shop in upstate NY. I am not usually someone who likes to have a presence on internet forums, but this one is really positive and a great place for tattooers to talk, learn etc. and for collectors to actually get informed about getting tattooed.... and getting good tattoos.... Like a ray of light in a sea of infinity signs, if you will.

Ok, being more serious again though, this site seems like a great resource to get exposure to some new perspectives and I hope that at some point I can contribute positively as well. At this point I have only done a few (maybe 20ish?) small tattoos, I posted a few pics in my gallery but am not a huge fan of talking (or writing) about myself either, so am going to keep this kinda brief :)


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cltattooing, thanks :) I did my first one (the Bender) around mid April, I have done about 20 - 25 small tattoos so far, so... not for very long... but I figured that the sooner I open myself up to critique, the sooner I can (hopefully) correct anything that might otherwise develop into a bad habit...

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