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New guy from North Carolina


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What's up, everyone?

Been lurking a little here and there for a while. Recently got much more interested in tattoos, so thought I'd create an account. Lived on both coasts in the last few years. Grew up in VA, tried to make it work in Seattle, messed around in pretty much every part of the country (Alaska included), now in NC. Collected a few tattoos along the way ;). Anyways enough talk, picture time!! Hope this works:

Dragon by Will Lollie in Asheville; swallow rose by Mario Desa; feet by Danny Reed also in Asheville. I have a lot more including some older pieces from Koeplinger, Jason Scott, and a couple peeps from Liberty tattoo. But I have a thing about posting my tattoos online. I'm just posting these because they've already been IGed by the artists, except for the Reed feet - I just wanted to show those off :p. Enjoy

- - - Updated - - -

Better shots, too big for one post :cool:

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Thanks everyone.

@Avery Taylor haha we might be! It's a small world and I do have a big family. Wish I had gotten more at Liberty though.

@NBMgreg yea, i was really excited when i saw it finished. Came out so much better than I could have asked for.

@Graeme I have a little hound mix (not sure what) who has beagle features but acts and is built more like a sight hound. Quick little guy and stubborn as all hell. I have a soft spot for them too. That, and I am terrible with picking user names lol.

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