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how long will a piece like this take?


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Oh yea i forgot about the size and location. Umm not to big just enough to fit on the left side of my chest. On my peck i guess.. And im in west palm beach florida. Yea i was going to ask a guy but i never have time. ;p

if you aint got time to ask - how you gonna find time to actually get the tatt - c'mon now

i'm surprised you were able to clear your schedule to be able to post your question ;)

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I'm no tattooer, but I think that ying yang in the right eye would be hard to pull off without making the wolf look like he has a lazy eye. That wasn't the question though. While I really have no idea, if I were planning on getting that, I would be expecting it to take at least 2-3hrs on the chest. Maybe more? I would highly doubt less. But again, what takes someone 3 hrs, could take someone else one, and another five.

I just had my 4th session on my back. A shit ton of progress was made and it took the tattooer 1 hr and 15 minutes. I would expect at least double from anyone else. Everyone is different.

So, go ask the tattooer you want to do this and you'll get a better answer.

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