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Ying Yang ideas


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Hello all,

I'm a 18 year old male interested in getting a tattoo of a yin-yang on the back of my shoulder blade. The symbol has a lot of meaning to my family, however, I want to somehow make it my own. I have seen some online of a sun with the yin and yang and like that idea. I 100% do not want to use any colors besides black.

If you guys have any ideas of what else I could incorporate with the symbol, let me know!



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wait and don't get a yin yang.

Was gonna say this as well, but didn't want to come off as a dick(not that misterJ has), plus I'm a relatively new member still, and I know there are many others here who can provide much better advice than I.

I will say, Koi fish and dragons are the first thing that came to mind for me. Maybe wind, water, fire.

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I deliberately left a 2" x 3" blank in my tattoosuit...for a spider with a yin-yang butt. i fuggin hate spiders, every since that grade 6 science fair where these little bitches traumatized me for life with a taxidermy tarantula. But I digress...I'm sure this concept has been done before and you can copy my sweet idea if you want, but it won't look a fraction as bad ass on your shoulder as it will tucked into the hidden realms of my shaolin suit hehe!

My advice...wait...then go the distance with a big ol dragon tattoo. Put the yin-yang in the fireball in the dragon claw...do the dragon big enough such that the claw is the size of a baseball glove and yin yang is the size of a hardball!

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- - - Updated - - -

full sleeve dragon on one arm. and full sleeve tiger on the other. for balance

And THIS too!!!!!!!

Or dragon sleeve and ho-o sleeve?

I didn't ask for it but Horitomo gave me a a double yin yang - ish pair of Monmon cat tattoos on my feet. Each cat sleeping in the opposite direction of ones other with tattooed snakes doing the flip flop swirl. I just wanted a tattoo from him, it was his design choice. Genius! Which also brings up talking about the idea with an artist. They'll do you right.

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My first tattoo (24 yrs ago) was a small yin yang with fish, one black and one red. It's certainly not my best, but no regrets....you gotta start somewhere!

I totally agree with that. My first tattoo was the book cover of the catcher in the rye. It's not my favorite, but the first one opens your eyes to tattoos and what it means to have a tattoo. I think ying yangs are over popularized, but the idea behind them is pretty cool.

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4 minutes ago, slightreturn said:

I'd say give it some time and then decide if that's really what you want

This thread is over a year old, as are the other topics you've responded to most recently.

No need to ressurect it. The discussion is over.

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