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I'm new here


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Hi Everyone,

I dont do too well talking about myself but I'll give it a try.

Since this is a forum for Tattoo aficionados, I'll try and stick with that and not stray. I'm sort of old for a person to get into tattoo's I guess. At 35 I have a solid 18-20 years on many collectors when they first started. I never saw myself as the type of person to get a tattoo. I'm just super fickle. Plus, I always lamented my more embarrassing styles growing up so I was never willing to commit to something permanent. Now that I'm older I embrace that I once had a mullet, once had a metal phase, tried the goth thing, even was a cowboy for a while. Thinking back to my mullet used to create a small pang of embarrassment (it was a serious mullet...like Billy Ray had a candy ass mullet compared to me). But now I embrace it as part of what makes me...Me. Now that I can embrace things like that rather than regret them, I feel I 'm in a mental place to get tattoo'd.

I've also realized that I have a really crappy memory. I've also realized that I have a really crappy memory. I remember being places, having feelings associated with an event, but rich details about my past elude me. I have a tough time living in the moment and tend to always focus on the future. I think that makes me a bit aloof and thus I never solidly lay down the neural pathways for cool memories. I dont want to be a boring old person who cant remember all their own stories. To me, tattoos seem a way to cement a memory in physical form and help one to remember details otherwise forgotten. Take my scars for example...I love every one of them. And when I look at them I am transported back to the event of their creation and all the feelings, events, people involved in my life at that time. I love that!

Lets see... I suck at Art. By suck I dont mean "You really should work on adjusting the angle of your light source..." No no no my friends. By suck at art I mean unable to draw a fucking smiley face. My stick figures are so bad, that were inability to draw a disease, I would need to be put down. I chose a life of science instead...and thank the Lord almighty. Dont get me wrong, I love artistic expression (I'm here right), I just need someone else to express it for me. So that leads into my profession, I'm a doggy doctor, porcine proctologist, Shiba Inu shaman, a feline wangateur...or just a veterinarian. I also happen to be in the Army (at least for a few more weeks). So, I'm a vet (veterinarian) and a vet (veteran) - VetSquared.

Tattoos - none yet. I have two days booked with Uffe Hansen of Meatshop in Copenhagen this June. The wifey and I are going to take our first real break from the youngin and take a holiday to Denmark (and get a rad tattoo). I'm not really into tribal, or neo-tribal, but they are doing some amazing dot work in a, I guess, "Neo-Nordic" style and I just love it. Plus my last name originates from a character in Norse mythology so I figure it fits. I also just booked a consultation with Horitomo this December. Hopefully that means we'll get started in February sometime...not really sure. Honestly, I'm not sure an image has ever resonated with me as much as his Monmon cats. Dont want to say too much until its in my skin...but I'll share when they're done and healed. Basically, It'll be a Nordic wolf like image on the left lower leg, a Monmon on the right lower leg. I'm a small animal veterinarian, cats and dogs make up 90% of what I do all day. I'll have a dog on one leg and a cat on the other. Honestly, I am still wrestling with where I want the Monmon cat. I like the lower leg because, if you're special, I can pull up my pant leg and show it to you. But it's also a great piece of artwork from a famous artist and thus feel like it needs a higher place of honor, like my shoulder/upper arm. Feel free to chime in.

To finish off - my hobbies. I'm into adventure motorcycling. I have a dual sport bike fitted out for adventure travel. Done a couple big rides, including across america on dirt roads from east to west. Planning an around California ride this summer, starting in So-Cal, going up through Sequoia, yosemite, kings, over to the lost coast, and back south. Going for as much dirt road as we can find. I also like mountain biking, backpacking, fly fishing, and building stuff.

I'm not very good at responding to PM's, or even on my own threads...I'm just too damn busy to sit at my computer all the time and Tapatalk doesnt work for shit. I'll try and get email notifications set up so I actually communicate. I also tend to not be a huge participant in online forums because, frankly, there are just too many dicks...so, so many dicks. Albeit, the only other forum I'm on is ADVrider. And, as everybody knows, all motorcyclists are assholes ;) You all seem to be a pretty good lot though. Hopefully I'll find this site more inclusive.



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Welcome dude! Adventure motorcycling sounds awesome, I'd love to give that a try some time.

You sound like a good guy, and are doing it right with your first tattoos! I hope you stick around; this place tends to be a hell of a lot more friendly than most forums, and extremely informative/interesting.

Lastly, thank you for your service to this country, and to our pets! I like my dogs more than most people, so vets are pretty rad in my book!

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I think you do great talking about yourself! You have an engaging way of writing. :)

I'd go for shoulder/upper arm, but that's me. I've always had a very clear notion of where my next tattoo would go, without any rationale but also without any doubt, so you're the best one to decide placement, but also your artist will undoubtedly have the best concept of where each piece would flow properly with your body.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

(I didn't get tattooed until 35, so there's nothing wrong with that!)

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