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Weird looking shit


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hey, i was wondering if any of you could help me out. Im really worried about my new tat, it looks fking weird, my tattoo artist said he will finish it next session but i cant really understand what he did. It was originally a wolf, i decided to add kind of an fire efect, with brazes passing in front of the wolf. he said he could do it, and after finishing the first session, he left me with this:

http://imgur.com/a/TyQAF i dont know if you cant see it, but he just added a red color around the wolf, and it looks weird. I cant see how he will complete that into fires and brazes. Can anyone help me solve this doubt? I cant go to the tattoo artist because he is in L.A till next week. Im really worried

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When were the pics taken in relation to when the work was done?  

Did this artist also do the wolf?

Scratch the first question, just looking at the pics it's clear your leg is freshly shaved so these appear to have been taken directly after session.

i think what you are prob seeing is red / yellows mixed in with irritated skin from the session. 

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first - dont cream up and take pics - clean it up let it dry and then have someone else take some proper photos - i like the wolf

i see bruising and iritation 

as for the red flames? i think we need a better pic

perhaps once the tattoo is healed a bit

if you are concerned about there being some kind of infection or reaction

then by all means see your local doc

but i think it looks alot like bruising

i myself though would be disappointed by the gratuitous use of unnecessary use of background color but whatever right

you might want to take careful consideration of your next move with this tattoo and if you want this particular artist to be a part of it 

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