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Artists in the Philly area


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This has probably been discussed a zillion times, but I couldn't really find anything when I searched.

I'm spending a few days in Philadelphia in April and I've been kicking around the idea of a lady liberty and/or patriotic type design, and where better to get a patriotic tattoo than the city they call "The Birthplace of America"? I'll be pretty close by both Seven Swords and Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown shop, so those are places I'm looking into. I really like the idea of all the history behind Philadelphia Eddie's and I might just get some flash off the walls. I know Pat Haney's in the area too, and while I really want to get something by him someday, I'm not sure if this is the piece I want him to do for me.

I'm looking for something really traditional and classically beautiful, not necessarily "slutty," that's not really my thing. Any other suggestions for shops or artists in Philly who would kill a patriotic lady tattoo?


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I would agree that Martin Lacasse is absolutely killer at everything he does. A real tattooers tattoo and criminally underrated in either traditional or Japanese. Pretty much everyone in that shop (Jay Goldberg, Gus, Johnny Gues, Scott Smith, etc) would knock out a traditional piece like that. Check out @oldecitytattoo on IG. They don't post a ton, but you can follow to each artist and check em out.

Topper at Eddies does great work, as mentioned.

I love most of what Pat Haney does. He's a little slicker than what you may be looking for, but I'm sure you can't go wrong with him. He's also opened up a new shop that's a little farther from where you're mentioning, but nothing crazy.

Dave Fox is out in the suburbs now. His name isn't the first that comes to mind for this style, but traditional stuff is really underrated. He doesn't put a lot of it out there, but it's solid.

Aaron Francione seems fine (I'm not too familiar with him), but I'm just not much of a fan of a lot of what Seven Swords is doing. Although I did recently see a Carlos Perez lady head that I liked.


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Sorry it's taken an absurd time to respond, I can never get the site to work well on my phone and haven't been able to use a computer since I posted.

I'm familiar with Dave Fox and actually was thinking about getting him to do some crazy metal tattoo for me someday maybe, never would have thought of him for this. And my issue with Pat Haney isn't so much I don't think his style is suited for this, but more that I think his style is better suited to other imagery that I would consider him for. Again, didn't really think this would even be something he'd be interested in.

I've been following Topper for a long time on Instagram and didn't even realize he was in Philly, somehow. Never heard of Lacasse but his stuff is impressing me.

You guys have given me stuff to think about! :5_smiley:

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