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Would this work as a cover up?


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Hey guys, I've got this old skeleton key on the back of my leg that I am not a fan of. The key itself is ok but I really hate the black shading in the background and always have.  I've been thinking about what to cover it up with. I was thinking about one of these Dan Higgs black sacred hearts. I am not a tattooer or an expert on these matters.  I wasn't sure if there would be enough space between the other tattoos or if the red would work. I wouldn't mind if it was touching the other tattoos but don't really want them covered. I figured we could get rid of some of the blood drops and change it a bit. Do you guys think this could work as a cover up? And if not what are some tattoos that might work to cover the key? I know it's going to have to be mostly black. I'd be open to anything in the American traditional style that looks decent. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thanks



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On March 30, 2017 at 6:35 AM, PlaceInTheSun said:

I do love crawling panther tattoos but I was planning on getting a panther head on my knee and thought that might be overkill to have both. 

You cannot have too many panthers, tigers, Koi, Dragons, Ladyheads, Skulls, etc., etc., etc.

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