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Help please!!!


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On 07.05.2018 at 2:34 AM, oboogie said:

It looks to me like you are putting too much lotion or something on it. Just let it dry heal. Quit messing with it. If you're that worried, go see your artist and/or your doctor.

Hello, it s been 3 days since I got it. and I stoped putting lotion, and it looks like this. but in some area it s still not good, and in some areas it looks good.  do you know why this happens? 32073153_2020751004803752_2627071743654625280_n.jpg.c24adfc6b3af9b280b4e800a7c261fed.jpg32072684_2020751034803749_6867916417295974400_n.thumb.jpg.5534298beb49df17648936ef4b893e77.jpg

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1 hour ago, Jkeith said:

Just looks a little dry to me, at this point. Looks much better than it did. I would think at this point you could put a LIGHT coat of lotion, maybe even just in that one spot. It just needs time to heal.

Thank you. Do you have any idea why did this happened? it was rough made ?

Sorry for English

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