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I would like to know what is the best way to find a good cover-up tattoo Artist? Can every tattoo artist do a cover-up? Do all Artist like to do cover-ups? I'm having a real hard time finding one that has cover-up experience, i have found a few that say they are experts, but after looking at their work i get the feeling that the reason why they are the only ones that do it is because no one else in the shop wants to do it. Their work is not very impressive! So what do you look for on an Artist that does cover-ups? If there is any Artist out there in California that can fix/re-work or cover what i have please contact me.





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I know of some tattooers that are good with cover-up's but they never take pictures of before and after and put them in their portfolio.But i would beware of people saying their experts at cover-ups.I look for an artists that does solid work,and who's work has depth to it.I would also recommend doing laser treatment,especially since black responds well to the laser.check out Brian & Jeremiah@ Kari Barba's Outer Limits Tattoo and Piercing in Long Beach. Unbreakable Tattoo -

Kim & Spencer@ memoir tattoo ©2010 ............Tattoos by Jeffery Page............

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from what I read tim victem is great at cover ups

Yeah,but he works in Philly.I would just visit shop's in LA and check out portfolios.The Original True Tattoo | Facebook

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    • HE'S GOT THE BUUUUUUUGGGG!!! 😁 @minisoda not sure if you've let us know who the artist is yet, but feel free to share! check out their prior work and see what they're into. if they usually do traditional colors, they might prefer to stick to that aesthetic. if they do some crazy shit, they might be open to new ideas.  i think adding an olive branch in an open talon would look a bit strange. during your next shading and color session, bounce your addition and background ideas off your artist and see what they think. in the end, you're wearing it and they're doing it, so your two opinions count way more than us shmucks.🤓
    • If it is scarring what else could it be? Could it be that the ink is too thick ??
    • Laser removal is not an eraser. You'd still faintly see the tattoo. If it is scarring, then yes, you'd still see the scar, too.
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