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Glad to be here and I have an artist problem

Crazy World of A Brown

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I have been lurking around reading and commented on a few posts.  My first tattoo was a half outside sleeve in 1994. Currently, all that is open are my legs, butt, and neck. LOL

My shop for two years and I have had a horrible disagreement and I can no longer go back. Bad blood. How do I  find another artist that will complete their work? I have exhausted attempts to talk and clear the air. I have 2 major designs that need to be completed. I am hoping a tattoo artist or someone who has been in these sad shoes could give me advice. 

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3 hours ago, Crazy World of A Brown said:

Chicago is 5 hours one way.  I have to do 1-2 hour sittings.

Two  areas that are in progress

If you have limits, it would be useful to pin your area down a little better than Eastern Iowa and how far you are willing to drive.

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