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Getting my first tattoo, have a few questions


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Hello all! The stars have finally aligned and I'm getting my first tattoo! Location is going to be my inside forearm just about from wrist to elbow. Going with the most highly regarded artist in our area as I want it done right!

The artist figures it'll take around 8-9 hours walk in to walk out. I'm booking a daily rate as it's a much better deal.

Questions I have:

Am I realistic getting this elaborate a tattoo all in one sitting? I have a pretty high pain tolerance but some are saying I'm crazy for even trying this in one sitting for my first one.IMG_0160(2).thumb.jpg.78fadd78f6fd5aaf2308bd3333eb0202.jpg

How long until I can resume normal activities? I'm a mailman so arm usage is pretty critical. I booked a week holiday after just as a precaution.

Look forward to hearing what experienced folks have to say! Below is a concept art of what I'm having done. My date is coming up soon, December 28, can't wait to have it done!

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Hi,good job on the week off work after.

that should be long enough to get past the critical stage,

and NO on what they said about size,GO BIG OR GO HOME !!!

and you might want to look into Saniderm.com for healing,I swear by it,there are a couple threads here about it too.

prepare properly and you will have a better experience,

*pre tattoo*

1) get a good nights sleep

2)don't drink alcohol before,pre hydrate a day before and during the tattoo(water or gatorade)

3)get a good healthy meal before the tattoo

4)bring water and healthy snacks and some shugary candy(M&M's,skittles,etc etc)maybe jerky and a banana too,for during(the sugar and potassium will help you feel better during)

5) keep it clean afterward with anti-microbial soap for the first 24 hours,then apply Saniderm for a week.

6) forget what those people are telling you about size ! LOL 

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I got a 14 hour 1/2 sleeve on my upper arm in 3 sessions, a month between each.  The timing was my artist's choice, not mine and I'm glad.  4 hours at at time was enough for me.  Not entirely the pain involved, sitting/laying for long periods, being tensed, etc.  I just find it to be more enjoyable to do shorter sittings, I have nothing to prove.  Also, some tattooers have a heavier hand than others.

Couple things that I'd add to Dan's list.  No ibuprofen, aspirin or other blood thinners before (of course unless it's something very necessary and then I'd run it by you doc and/or let your artist know.)  If you're traveling very far right after, I'd suggest stopping for a quick meal.  Even with a snack during the tattoo I felt much better refueling before the drive home.

Best of luck and let us see how it turns out.

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Thanks for the sage advice! My artist is the one who suggested one sitting. According to him, after subtracting prep and break time my actual under the needle time should be roughly 5.5-6.5 hours.

My primary motivation for getting it done in one sitting is my desire to use holidays for healing time. My next window would be late May and I really don't want a half done job for that long!

Great advice on the choice of foods, and I especially appreciate the tip on ibuprofin as it's my go-to pain killer.

My wife is driving me to and from as we live way out in the country about 45-60 minutes depending on winter roads. My artist told me flat out there was no way he'd let me out the door if I had to make the drive myself.

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5 or 6 hours on your inner forearm is no walk in the park. That's some pretty thin, sensitive skin. For a long session I usually take 3 Advil before I start, 3 four hours later and then 3 more four hours after that. If you are going to sit that long I'd bring some Gatorade, power bars, banana, etc. Sip and graze, it cuts down on the bathroom breaks. I'd keep the breaks to a minimum. Every time you stop, you have to try to get back into the zone and it gets harder every time. 

Good luck.

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you'll prob be ok in (1) long-ass sitting, just makes the healing a little harder and vulnerable from overworking the same area....no need to be a hero...

 i'm not a fan of the marathon sittings, i like short ones personally, it makes the tattooing more enjoyable and extends the experience. split up the linework and shading. but really it is up to your tattooer and what kind of stamina-daddy you are. having a week off work will definately help if you're going for a long sit, gonna need to ice that baby after haha. a good nights rest and drinking lots of (hot) water/tea is my simple formula. makes the post-tattoo beer taste that much better. and get the shop to blare the mighty motorhead from the stereo to give the tattoo that proper mojo.

good luck \m/


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Hogrider, thanks for the tip on the painkillers. I'm allergic to Advil, but I've got some T-3 that I'll use in the same fashion.

Bongsau, you can bet I'll be rocking the Motorhead the whole time! I'm staying local mainly because three of my co-workers have done full sleeves (and one both legs too!) with him and all recommended him highly and I love their results.

I'm not as concerned as much about the pain. Not to sound like some hotshot, but I've dealt with chronic kidney stones and migraines since adolescence so of necessity I've developed a pretty high pain tolerance. Not going to mess around though, hence the T-3s.

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