Tattoo infection, Too dry, or Scabbing?

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I have multiple tattoos but this is the first one on my back and I can’t see it well so I’m an anxious mess. I have two  fish on my back I got 9 days ago and one of them is just acting weird. I live in a really dry state so I expected dryness but I’m scared this is an infection. I know I need to go in and ask my artists but there’s a snow storm and all the shops in my area are closed until further notice. This tattoo was is a cover up of some small butterfly and there’s also white ink on top of it so I’m guessing the skin is very irritated but is this healing normal? 



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Please specify what "Acting Weird" means. Your back looks like it's glistening, just a guess, but I think you are using way too much moisturizer. Try letting it dry heal for a day or two and see what happens. Meantime, if you are really worried, see a doctor.

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