Tattoo infection, Too dry, or Scabbing?

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I have multiple tattoos but this is the first one on my back and I can’t see it well so I’m an anxious mess. I have two  fish on my back I got 9 days ago and one of them is just acting weird. I live in a really dry state so I expected dryness but I’m scared this is an infection. I know I need to go in and ask my artists but there’s a snow storm and all the shops in my area are closed until further notice. This tattoo was is a cover up of some small butterfly and there’s also white ink on top of it so I’m guessing the skin is very irritated but is this healing normal? 



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Please specify what "Acting Weird" means. Your back looks like it's glistening, just a guess, but I think you are using way too much moisturizer. Try letting it dry heal for a day or two and see what happens. Meantime, if you are really worried, see a doctor.

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    • Hi, I've got an appointment in 3 weeks time but I've been having thoughts about changing the design. I thought I was dead set on what I wanted but then I wasn't sure about size and placement as I thought I wanted it smaller but my initial design wouldn't look great smaller. I've just thought of another design that would work smaller. Also as this is a tattoo for my son I feel this new design is more indicative of our bond so I want to feel completely happy on a personal level that I choose a tattoo that reflects our bond best. Im just frustrated with myself that id never thought of this idea before as if I had, I would've gone with this rather than changing my mind. As a tattoo artist, would you feel annoyed about having to change design 3 weeks in advance? How likely is it that you would have drawn the original idea up this far in advance? Im happy to pay a bit more if she has already drawn it and therefore needs more time to redraw new design, ive already paid £100 deposit so not sure how much more generally I'd need to pay. I know every artist is different though.
    • Thanks man! I like the idea of an engine actually and it would fit really well with the cog theme. As my plan is to do 1 nature piece followed by something manmade, I'll probably do a rose/set of flowers into an engine below. Also gonna go back on Wednesday to get the lion eye shaded in blue, which I think would look quite cool
    • Never done anything that big, but what I have has left me with no distinct memories of the pain - even a few hours later. I remember it hurt, but not how it hurt. That helps. That yours looks so freaking awesome should dull any pain that it caused you!
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