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Four letter word combinations


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Hi all there used to be a thread on here with ideas of four letter word combos for knuckle tattoos "Love Hate" etc but I can't find it, can anyone link me to it or start again maybe  😄

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Nice one where was it? I scrolled through pages, and the search function brought up nothing, you would think when searching for Knuckle Tattoos the first thing it would bring up was a thread called Knuckle Tattoos 😂

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Cool 😎 I'm booked in to get mine done soon. Basically I've always been between Good Life or Good Luck. I finaly decided on Good Life but I've been thinking I would like to get luck below the good in single but not sure what would go on the other hand. At the moment I'm thinking symbols but trying to think of a word that would fit. If that makes any sense 🤯



luck      ???? 



life         ???? 




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