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Ink Recall HELP

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Hello you hardos,

Just another run of the mill Crazy Millenial Who Has No Business Getting Tattoos here. I have always been apprehensive about ink quality and how toxic it can be so before I got my rather large, mostly black tattoo, I did a lot of research brands and tried to figure out which seemed safest. You won't believe how many inks are recalled...Anyway I finally landed on a brand of ink called Solid Ink which seemed to have a pretty good track record and was CTL tested and certified for usage in the EU. I then found an artist who used that brand and got my tattoo. Whoo. That was November. 


Well fast forward to last week and I "stumbled" across a recall for Solid Ink Matte Black (the color that was used most on my rather large tattoo) for extremely high levels of PAHs and benzo(a)pyrene. See here:

Well now I'm freaking the F*** out because these levels are higher than most shitty brands. Only one batch is specified and I tried to get ahold of my artist to see if he had that batch but got no response. He's probably tired of over anxious millenials who shouldn't be getting tattoos. Even if that batch wasn't used, what does it say about the companies practice? I'm starting to think these certifications are pointless because any manufacturer could make a special batch just for the test. I really think we need FDA over site with random testing in the US but I digress...

Anyway, I was hoping people would share their thoughts and maybe their ink brand preference if they have one.

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I don't have the slightest idea of which brands of ink have been used on me.  I like the idea of throwing caution to the wind.  Really, if I was going to drive myself crazy with things like that, I just wouldn't get tattooed.  To my mind they be fairly spontaneous and without serious forethought.

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I have never considered ink brands, but I started getting tattoos in the '70s and had established a level of "trust" or comfort by the time the internet might open up the possibility of digging that deep. 

How about a picture of your tattoo?


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