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New tattoo regret


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Hi guys, I’m a new member here  

I decided to sign up to this site after reading a few posts from people feeling depressed after getting a tattoo and I am currently in that situation. 

I recently (a week ago) got my fourth tattoo. It’s a design from a video game I’ve been wanting to get for a year. 

During and after the tattoo session I absolutely loved it, but a day after I started feeling like it’s too big and too black. I started feeling really down and anxious about it. I told myself I’ll get used to it, however a few days later a friend of mine told me the symbol in the middle (which is supposed to be a 4) kinda looks like a swastika and I CANT GET OVER IT!

I’m Jewish and the thought of someone looking at me and thinking of a swastika makes me so so sad. I started asking people if they think the same thing, some said no, some said yes and some said they didn’t at first but now they do. 

I don’t know what to do. I’m actually thinking about removing it. 

Adding a picture of it. 


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Do a search. It’s very common to initially regret a new tattoo. Do you know what a swastika looks like? I’ve never seen one that looked like that. 

Don’t do anything without giving it a few months. I’ve seen a lot of disasters caused by people rushing out to “fix” something. It a nice tattoo, enjoy it.

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If you hadn't said anything, I don't think I'd have seen a swastika and still don't actually. The bottom right and bottom left of the 4 are clearly cut off. In my opinion, there isn't any room for interpretation. So I wouldn't worry about it.

The thing is it's very easy for us to nitpick our tattoos and find all the flaws in them. Tattoo regret is common and you can get through this. As Hogrider said, give yourself some time before doing anything. But seriously, I think you're fine. 

Try to enjoy it. It's a sick tattoo. What video game is it from?

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It’s pretty well done in my opinion. Definitely don’t see a swastika and honestly I think your “friend” probably doesn’t realise how much damage that comment has done. It definitely looks like a 4 and I never would have thought otherwise. I think it’s easy for people to criticise someone because 1. They’re jealous 2. They’re insecure or 3. They’re just an outright asshole. 
it’s been a year in the making, don’t let a stupid untrue comment like that, prevent you from enjoying it. 

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