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  1. I will say, for someone who applies intense and powerful tattoos visually, mine was the least painful tattoo I ever had. I had him do a skull on my upper left thigh.
  2. IAS

    Pirate Pinup

    referanced from Hardy
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    Black Rose2

    Black Rose
  4. IAS

    Black Rose

    Black rose filler
  5. No, that would be the Daytona 500. This race is in Indianapolis, hence, Indy 500.
  6. Any LST members out there attending the 2012 Indy 500? If not, have you ever? It is one of my favorite times of year, and would love to hear stories! Hope everyone is well!
  7. go see Wes Carter of Carters Tattoo...promise you wont regret it. And Name Brand has some people there. What more would you need? *sorry, thought this was in regard to the convention this weekend. Carters is about 45 min away, north of nashville.
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    Kitty Cat

    Hardy design
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    Taken From M. Malone Flash
  10. IAS

    Art thread.

    I have seen the 7th down, I believe it is on display at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, very impressive in person. thanks for sharing! I dont know how to show which picture, it was the blown glass post
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