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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Carmelita in Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks   
    That’s a very nice tattoo!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Gardengingerlily in Tipping Question   
    I didn’t tip my tattoo artist. And after felt little bit guilty. Although I felt rushed and as though she didn’t like me 
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    JazzyMac reacted to Carmelita in Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks   
    Hi there. So one thing happend which I thought will never happen. After waiting for more than 15 years I finally had a big back piece done about a month ago. I've had 2 smaller ones before and I just had a beautiful cover up of one of those just recently and I absolutely love it. I chose the design carefully and it represents a lot to me from where it comes from and it's a style I really like. 
    However, now that I have it I currently think it's the worst thing I've done. It's not the artists fault, it's my fault as I chose the design. Now it's on my back and it's big and with black dense color, so the chances to get it removed are probably not very big and if so it will be a very long and painful journey. 
    I can't really focus on things and get panic attacks, I can't really sleep and I'm just nervous all the time. Now I think my kids will be embarrassed of me one day and that other people think I'm ridiculous to have done something like this. I am now in panic that me and my body will age and I will regret it very much. This doesn't sound like me at all. I'm usually very confident and I usually don't care what others think of me and I'm usually trying to live my life and have a very positive attitude about it.
    My husband loves it, my friends tell me it's very me and that it's beautiful, sexy and bolt. 
    I have a few moments I like it but then the panic and anxiety starts again and I think all people around me have nice bare skin.
    I hope it will grow on me as I do like the design and I would love seeing it on somebody else. So what is happening in my mind? Is it that it's so big, so black? Is it that I changed my body and it will look different to me now as well as to others?

    It's really hard dealing with those messed up feelings right now. I love tattoos, I love tattooed people. Is there anyone who had the same feelings and started to actually love their tattoo? I set up a meeting for laser removal. I know I should own that tattoo and have the right attitude about it but I'm seriously struggling with it. 
    Any help and uplifting words are very appreciated

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Leah in is tattoo to dark?   
    Don't give any more of your money to that artist.  Not for tattoos anyway.  Maybe for drinks, or tapas.
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    JazzyMac reacted to JAC1961 in Tipping Question   
    Just to throw a little something else in.  I don't know how tattoo artists and their shop handle the reporting of tips as income, but when I got my tattoo, I handed the artist cash for a tip before leaving their room.  I was paying with a card and knew I could add the tip on there, but figured there's no need to have it on the books.
    Anybody asks, I didn't give nobody nuttin'.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Nciampa in Weird Healing   
    Sometimes "balm" reacts differently to healing.  Might do you well to stop using it if you already haven't.  It may have also slowed or affected the healing.  I wouldn't worry though.
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    JazzyMac reacted to murci999 in Hello everyone, started sleeve (First Tattoo) Opinions?   
    going forward. the eyes of the tiger will be colored the same color as the owl. 
    under the blue eye on my inner forearm will be trees and woods, similiar to what is under the owl. 
    so what do you guys think so far? how is the work? good job so far? suggestions? tips on what to do next? 

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Baby J in Hello everyone, started sleeve (First Tattoo) Opinions?   
    Keep in mind that photo of the owl is highly photoshopped to be saturated so the eyes pop out more and the blacks contrast.  I like your lion. It's bad.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from murci999 in Hello everyone, started sleeve (First Tattoo) Opinions?   
    Yes, tiger is what I meant.  
    And by bad I meant "good".  Like "bad-ass"
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from alexgtd in The LST Tattoo Advice Commandments:   
    Thou shalt not give advice on tattoos if thou is constantly getting "tattoo divorces" .
    (Tattoo laser removal)

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from murci999 in Hello everyone, started sleeve (First Tattoo) Opinions?   
    Keep in mind that photo of the owl is highly photoshopped to be saturated so the eyes pop out more and the blacks contrast.  I like your lion. It's bad.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from piccalilli in Lurker now posting, first tattoo, tebori half-sleeve   
    Very nice!  Yes, I follow both Horis on IG, so I'm a fan of his work.  Welcome to the forums!
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    JazzyMac reacted to piccalilli in Lurker now posting, first tattoo, tebori half-sleeve   
    Hello everyone!
    Decided to come out of lurking, partially because I am really surprised that I have not seen any references to Horifuji at State of Grace in San Jose here. He is a thoroughly lovely person and feel fortunate to have his work on me. Imho he should get even more exposure (even if that may mean it will be progressively even harder to get more appointments with him, heh).
    Anyway, it felt like the right time for me to finally get some work. I wanted something rather more on the traditional vein (whatever that means, exactly) and the craftsmanship of tebori really appealed to me (even if it won't necessarily look that different). I called State of Grace as I saw in the intertoobz that they had artists there that did tebori and I was referred to Horifuji.
    I asked him via email for a half-sleeve with chest panel with a karasu tengu - like the ones seen on woodblock prints sparring with Ushiwakamaru (later known as the general Yoshitsune) on Mount Kurama. 
    So, a few days before my first appointment 3-4 months later, he sent me a concept drawing of what he felt would be best and I was floored. He recommended actually including Ushiwakamaru on the chest panel (hikae?), having just swung his bokuto (wooden practice blade) at a quite smartly dressed karasu tengu on the arm that is slipping off a rock ledge by the water, with autumn Japanese maple leaves falling around.
    The outline was done by machine in one session (photo of outline on Horifuji's Instagram here). Shading and the vast majority of the all colour done by tebori. Closer photo after starting on the colour here. A few small "flat" monochrome areas were done by machine shading, e.g. the brown on the bokuto that the tengu and Ushiwakamaru are holding. I deferred all decisions on colour and exact placement to him as he is the professional and I trust him completely  .
    Will have my final appointment in a month or so. As I have to fly to San Jose for my appointments I have done six sessions, each between 4.5 and 5.5 hours two consecutive days at a time to save on my airline miles. So something around 30 hours, so far?
    Since this photo I have attached to his post was taken, I have had more work done. Only have a couple momiji to colour in and the eyes are left.  I'll try to take a more current photo to place in a more appropriate thread on the forum.
    Sorry for the lengthy, possibly rather gushing,  first post.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from scottyg in What’s wrong with my tattoo?   
    Let the skin doc settle the debate. 😉
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Erieberry in What’s wrong with my tattoo?   
    It's a keloid scar.  It's how how some people with melanin in their skin react to scars.  Unfortunately, your doctor was probably not used to seeing it.  You need to see a skin doctor and see if you can get any meds for it.  Sometimes before you start healing, you can take meds (during pain medication), so keloids won't pop up, as a prevention method.  Sometimes it's inevitable. However, you may be lucky and it will heal and eventually disappear, but it will take months...maybe even a year.  
    The needle went deeper than it should have, that's a fact.
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    JazzyMac reacted to IX XV LXXXVIII in Tipping Question   
    Absolutely I tip with these factors in mind: 
    1. Timeliness to emails: I've worked with artists who take 2+ weeks to get back to me. I've worked with artists who get back to me within 2 days. I am more inclined to tip more to the artist who is extremely responsive.
    2. Personal relations: I've worked with artists who had the nerve to argue with what I wanted. I've also worked with artists who collaborate and give sound advice if they think something won't work or if they have a better idea in mind. I am more inclined to tip more to the artist who treats the experience like a partnership and a collaboration.
    3. Satisfaction with the design: I've had artists who hit the nail on the head 100% with what I wanted. I've had artists go on their own crazy program and give me something I was not happy with. I'm more inclined to tip more to the artist who gives me exactly what I want.
    I always tip, but I will tip generously to the artist who fits the above criteria. And in turn, I've found they will bend over backwards to give me more flexibility for future appointments and longer tattoo sessions. I scratch their back, they scratch my back, its a win win for both of us involved.
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    JazzyMac reacted to xxbyamomentx in Hello! (And a question - possible blowout)   
    I'm new here, got my first tattoo yesterday so I figured this would be a good place to come for advice and inspiration :) I have always wanted a very simple doodle tattoo and I raise snails, so this has meaning to me but is in a very delicate and visible area. Between the two feelers of my snail, I've noticed some blue blur. I'm hoping it isn't blowout but it seems like it might be. Are there any tips to minimize the visibility of any ink outside the lines, or is this something that has a chance of clearing up on its own? The tattoo is just over 24 hours old.

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    JazzyMac reacted to murci999 in Hello everyone, started sleeve (First Tattoo) Opinions?   
    so i took off the wrapping and washed it, its a bit lighter now but still its more of a brownish-reddish color, its been 6 days,    will it get black/grey in a week or two ? or i shouldnt expect much improvement ? . 
    also i feel that the eyes aren't realistic because of the color, should i make the pupils more black and the rest dark yellow/orange ? 
    am booked for another 5 sessions in coming 2 months, with the same artist, how would you rate the work done so far?
    and i am really having alot of thoughts about how should i continue the forearm and the rest of sleeve, i attached an idea below, do you think it would flow with the rest?

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    JazzyMac reacted to nobodyloveme in Hello, Finally Joined   
    Hello, I have always been a big fan of the interviews. Decided to join the forum and keep this thing alive!
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    JazzyMac reacted to piercingsbycaz in Introduction!   
    Hi guys!
    I work in a tattoo studio in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Body piercer and laser technician!
    Hoping to be able to get some good advice and opinions 👍🏻
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from trendkill in Could the focus point of this painting be tattooed in an american traditional style?   
    I think american traditional would definitely be different and a challenge, but doable!
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    JazzyMac reacted to purplelace in Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?   
    All mine I travel for, my tattooist is an hour and a half away, the one I've been going to since 2014 and he's going to finish my body.   I know that travel distance is nothing to some of you, but for someone who is prone to travel sickness, it is a lot. I always book a couple of days off either side, so if getting inked on a monday, travel on a saturday and travel back on a wednesday. By the time I am travelling back, the excess ink is all off and my body is more settled for travelling back home.   The reasoning for me for resting before tattoo, is that body is rested after travelling, more relaxed, which makes for an easier tattoo session.  I have got tattooed before on day of arrival and it was too much for my body.  Learn what works for your body and go with it. 

    But yes, have a rest time after your tattoo and yes travelling, no matter the distance, means longer time getting tattooed. But you can appreciate each piece you get done, before moving onto next piece, if getting continued work by them.  It also builds up a relationship with your tattooist, which is important.  Also listen to your tattooist and talk to them, communication is highly important. Whether you travel or no.
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    JazzyMac reacted to BoxInkTattoos in How's it goin?   
    Hey what's up my name's Box.  I'm out of a shop in Birdsboro, PA.  Just on here looking to connect with others in the industry.  I really dig LST...just all about the industry and what not.  
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    JazzyMac reacted to AverageJer in Upcoming Tattoos   
    We did it. I think wife’s dagger and heart won the day but I’m pretty happy with my seahorse. 
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    JazzyMac reacted to Colored Guy in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    I'm starting a battle royale back piece tomorrow, not my whole back since my shoulders already have work on them. The size is 13" x 13" and hopefully I'll get it lined and partially shaded. The artist made up a composite with the design pasted onto my back.