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    Hunter Morrow reacted to rozone in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    I just got this tattooed at the Montreal convention by Mike Rubendall.
    We did 4.5 hours last night, and then finished it in an hour this morning.
    I'm so pleased with it.

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Jimison in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Makara Snail
    Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to lving4today in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Oh what the hell...

    Lester at Electric Ladyland Tattoo New Orleans, LA
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to heathenist in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Well, in that case, I'll submit my dagger I got from Mario Desa last November.

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Dan S in September 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Oh hell...anyone recognize this?!

    Nick Colella, Chicago Tattooing Company, taken from the original Black Cat Firecracker label. One on each kneecap.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Colored Guy in Tattoo rescue   
    I hear they're doing a spinoff... bleeding hemorrhoid rescue..... about par for the reality show circuit.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Delicious in Choosing your first tattoo   
    i always saw ganesh pictures, and never really understood more than that they looked cool. well back in december my father took me to china town in las vegas and i saw this little ganesh statue. i bought it because it looked cool and on my way home i googled what it meant. I loved the whole lord of wisdom, remover of obstacles, god of prosperity and remover of ego and vanity angle to him. I became fascinated with the whole of hinduism. and even though I liked shiva and rama way more than ganesh, as far as a personal connection was felt, I still loved the symbolism and imagery of ganesh, and i knew that unlike a tattoo of shiva or rama that it would be easier to make look good.
    but i wasnt sure what i really wanted. i had wanted a tattoo since I was in middle school, like most of the kids i had gone to school with. i had done tons of research into tattoos in general and was thinking of all the stuff I wanted but i was afraid to get a fucked up version of anything. My friend showed me her tattoos done at a local shop so I sent the guy this picture:

    and asked him to copy it exactly. he said yeah sure come in next week.
    I go in and he shows me a new drawing, saying he preferred to do something better and asked me my opinion. I loved it from the moment I saw it

    it was 20x better than what I had planned. Sorry for double posting the same tattoo in two threads though.
    he did the outline and then asked me, "well, i hate the new school idea of putting pinks and shit into something like this, let me show you a color that would go well with this" and he pulled out the most god awful shade of orange-gold-brown. he said it would look better on my skin that pink and told me to trust him. I told him to go ahead then since it was his job to make those kind of calls. which is how my elephant god went from pink to the beautiful golden color it is. He wanted to do some background in purple but as he reached for the blue ink to make purple ink I told him that the shade of blue he had in his hand was my favorite color. That sealed the deal.
    Now that I look at my tattoo however, I feel like the flower should be a different color. Idk though if I am going to change it yet. I still really love the whole thing but I think the flower could use a new color
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to semele in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Hermit crab I got from Deno at Kings Avenue on Thursday!
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Amok in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    New one today by Stevie Edge

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to chrisnoluck in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    here's one from Franz Stefanik made me yesterday at the Cleveland convention.

    and i posted this in the best july tattoo as well but i got this one by Kim Marks after something came up and i was unable to get tattooed by chad k anymore.

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to PhilB in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got more work done on the Sleeve of Science.
    Last week was adding the Abacus, and lots of background elements (blood lines for more smoke, some galaxies, line work for planets, etc). Abacus from elbow ditch to just below armpit was not the most fun.
    This week was the entire chest panel:

    (large version in the album, or you can click on the one above).
    This was done yesterday, so, obviously, imagine all the blues to be properly muted when it is healed (some of the same blues used in the wolf coverup on the other chest panel).
    Good news: As long as this heals properly, I never "have" to get tattooed on my chest ever again!
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to jade1955 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Franz turns out some really nice work. He guested at a studio in my home town earlier this year.
    I missed out this time but if he ever returns!
    - - - Updated - - -
    That is so good!
    - - - Updated - - -
    Tattooed by Steve Boltz at Frith Street Tattoos.

    What a fuckin great weekend.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to CultExciter in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Nothing like a good ole Minor Threat reference.

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to chrisnoluck in Friday 13th Tattoos   
    got this one a few months ago.. santa cruz skateboards logo. thinking about getting another at the cleveland convention tomorrow!

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Kev in Interview I did with Zach Nelligan   
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to missStark in Interview I did with Zach Nelligan   
    Here is a picture of the tattoo I have from Zach. He has a better picture of it on his website.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Brian Wermund in is there a code of ethics that i am missing when walking into a shop as a newbie?   
    anybody want to hear about my newest adventure?
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Adison in Choosing your first tattoo   
    my first tattoo was a half sleeve, go big or go home!! ;)
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    Hunter Morrow got a reaction from Liz Stitch Ellis in Japenese ideas?   
    Sorry, not letting me edit...
    How about a qilin/kirin? They are a flying magical dragon/horse/unicorn thing all mushed together.

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    Hunter Morrow reacted to PhilB in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Finally got started on my sleeve of science:
    Sleeve of Science
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    Hunter Morrow got a reaction from slayer9019 in robbers spare victim because he tattoos!   
    I'd like to know at what point does "my bad" not work anymore?
    "I stuck a revolver in your face. My bad."
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to Dan S in Rascist tattoo redo   
    I hesitate to do all this politlcal shit on what is a forum for and about tattooing.
    That said, there seems to be no one more intolerant than one who espouses tolerance.
    If you don't want to tattoo something, that's fine, totally your business. But don't call the "racist" bullshit if you're willing to do the portraits of Che, the clenched fist, the Hammer and Sickle, all those other symbols that are, ultimately, racist.
    The swastika is derived from the Sunwheel, which was/is a symbol used by the ancestory of ALL White people for thousands of years before a group of fanatical SOCIALISTS cloaked themselves in Nationalism and used it as a symbol of their regime. Many people still use the sunwheel, or various iterations of the swastika, as a sign of their beliefs.
    MAny people today still have swastikas tattooed on them that have no political meaning whatsoever. I know it's hard for someone that is, say, in their twenties or early thirties to imagine an era before political correctness, but int he sixties and seventies, the swastika was extensively used, especially by "bikers", as an emblem to shock, or to express their alienation from society.
    This does not make them racist.
    If such a person were to get that tattoo retouched, it could well be nothing more than refreshing their memories of that time. If a person got such a tattoo in prison, it's quite possible that they have an attachment to it that transcends politics or race. A mark of survival, if you will.
    I've posted before that I've done too many "bad" things to judge ANYONE for anything. I guess I've lost touch with that essence of absolute innocence and conviction that allows one to condemn sommeone they know nothing of because of a symbol they have tattooed on them.
    And just to prove what a racist I am, my oldest son's Godfather is Puerto Rican, my Granddaughter is a quarter "Native-American", and my best friend and main partner is half-Riquenoo tambien.
    To be truly tolerant of others means to be able to be tolerant of them even when you don't agree with them.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to jacobhh in Things That You Think Should Be Tattooed More Often?   
    Reminds me of this piece by Tilt

    edit: here is the full body shot...crazy

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    Hunter Morrow got a reaction from Adison in Hello! New Jersey apprentice here :)   
    The deer is nice. I really like how the Hamsa is a bit simpler and then it has this great eye that just really jumps out at you.
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    Hunter Morrow reacted to gougetheeyes in Rascist tattoo redo   
    "Obviously, you're not a golfer.."
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