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  1. Here in Holland we celebrate kingsday (the birthday of our king). Wich as a holiday i hate so i went To a tattoo convention in belgium And had a Great time. I helped My friends who had a stand there out as a floormanager. And ad a thank you i got a Nice mandala Rose On my kneecap. The picture is quit shitty Will post a better one when i am home. post-37519-146168867033_thumb.jpg

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  2. What i Honestly dont get is why allot of welpayed "stars" have shitty tattoos. I just saw Justin "fucking" bieber with His neck tattoo som smal generic text in His next why didnt he go For a good piece

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  3. Omg! I'm so excited. I felt like our cat, Aurora, needed a friend. I got @DJDeepFried to agree and today we adopted this little guy.

    They named him Cream Puff at the Humane Society but I think we are changing it to Horitomo, Tomo for short.

    Petfinder Adoptable | Cat | Domestic Short Hair | San Gabriel, CA | Cream Puff

    He's the one on the right in the photo. I can't wait to take some more photos of him once he's in our home! We have to wait until Tuesday to bring him home.

    I am not a cat person. But that is a cute cat.

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  4. How well does this style mesh with other styles specifically traditional styles in particular. I've recently gotten a mandala piece done on my forearm and i'd like to incorporate some old school tattoos into my sleeve im working on. The mandala piece if mostly black so i figured i would keepy most of my other tattoos B&G with light accents of red and etc. Opinions would get greatly appreciated!

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    I Would say it mixes pretty well i got some dotwork On my leg. With some oldschool conecting next to it. Also on my throat I got dot work connecting to realism and old school roses post-37519-146168865833_thumb.jpg

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  5. On my pointy finger I got hanky pankys logo , when I was working for him in his museum. On my middle finger I got the ATM (Amsterdam tattoo Museum) logo. Put on me by Bill loika on the night the museum opened and was my first visual tattoo. I am on of around 150 people who got it that night. And on the lower knuckle of the middle finger I got the logo of a tattoo shop of a friend of mine Stay Classy.

    And on my left hand web I got mil Martinez jr his logo wich I got in London last September.

    It's just a way to remember good times for me.

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  6. I think I'm glad I didn't see this thread until after I committed to a full back! I hadn't read any forums actually, but had an idea for an underwater tattoo for years. I found an artist at a convention who had done underwater and he designed a tattoo for me and I said, let's go for it. It wasn't originally to be that big, but he explained with the critters I wanted that it would need to be bigger unless I wanted to change the idea. Well, I didn't have any idea what I was getting into in terms of time, money, pain, etc. The first session was hours of drawing and then 6 hours tattooing and ended at 4:30 am and I was an exhausted mess. I have no reference for pain - I have one very small tattoo on my shoulder. But as soon as the needles hit my skin I thought, what the hell did I get myself into?!? And now I read that the back is one of the worse places, and it feels like a scalpel on my spine and ribs, and love handles hurt like hell. This is pure agony.

    I get very cold, so I wear a backwards hoodie and then a fleece jacket backwards over that. And gloves. And I'm still cold. I think because the sessions are so long. I've had 2 so far. This tattoo has no negative space that I can tell (no stencil) and he won't estimate how long it will take because he's letting it grow organically. I just gave him some critters I want. It's a little nerve-wracking that I only have a rough sketch of what it will look like, especially now that it appears it will take waaaay longer than I thought. I had hoped to have a tattoo in a couple months but with it being so big, I am kinda clueless what to think now.

    This thread has been very useful. There seems to be a big range of experiences.

    that not knowing what to think now, I have the same feeling even after just on session the outlines are pretty far from finished. But the doubt is setting in a bit of how will it look finished its because you don't have the overview that you got a little afraid of how it will look in the end. But if you trust your artist and you saw his work then you know a little bit how it's going to turn out in the end. It's going to be ok probably

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