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Photos of Thai tattoos

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My buddy went to Thailand and got the one on the base of the back of his neck. I guess you have to get that one first and you build around it.

Permanent Mark is from Santa Barbara so I've seen some of the many he has, on his hands, the necklace one, the Thai tigers on his side.

I guess there's only one guy doing the real deal, he's way out in a rural area of Thailand and he's the same guy that's tattooed Chris Garver, Charlie Roberts, Hanky Panky, etc. There's a pretty gnarly story about the guy but I won't share that here...

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Very cool to see. We actually had a few girls around the 20 year old mark come on one night a little bit before closing, wanting to get something small (bro tats, I think), and they mentioned they got tattooed on a trip the summer before. We were expecting what most people would expect, but they each had a mantra on the back of the neck from a trip to Thailand. I don't know if we were more surprised by that, or they were more surprised by the fact that we knew what they were and where they got them.

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Thank you for the link, I love Thai tattoos, and the whole culture, I want to go on a trip there one day, it's on my list of things to do!

me too,one of my passions is the culinary world,I would love to try the food there,and I also just love the ancient culture of the place & it's beautiful climates and jungle.

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