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3/4 sleeves, different styles


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Hey all,

So i know there is already a thread on integrating different styles of tattoo into a collection, but I think this is a little more specific and I have been trying to figure it out for a while.

Currently I have a 3/4 Japanese peacock sleeve on my right arm and a great big eagle on my upper left arm. I have an appointment at the London tattoo convention with Steve Byrne, and I was

originally going to get him to do my eagle but I just couldn't resist snapping up a Valerie Vargas cancellation (I love her eagles!). I was thinking of getting Steve to do a clipper ship on the inside of

my right arm, I love his clean, bold take on traditional subjects and i'm sure he'd do an unbelievable job.

The only problem is that i'm a sucker for symmetry and i'm worried that it will look a little lopsided with a 3/4 sleeve on one arm and just two large tattoos on the other. I'm also not totally comfortable

with moving down to the wrist, I know i've gone half way down the forearm but it still feels like a big step somehow. So i'm thinking I could get Steve to do something on the inside of my bicep (a panther or

a girl head maybe?) and then get little filler pieces dotted around my upper arm so its kinda a 3/4 traditional American sleeve. Do you guys think that would work or would it just draw the attention

away from the eagle?

Sorry to be so long winded! heres a couple of pics to give you an idea of what i'm working with. Thanks very much for your help.

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Thanks for the input guys,

I would prefer not to have any more Japanese, just because i like the contrast between western and Japanese styles - do you reckon it would work

if I went for a traditional piece on the inner bicep and then filled up the rest of the gaps with little fillers and a few roses as suggested?

I just ordered 'These old Blue Arms- the life and times of amund dietzel' and was hoping I might be able to incorporate some of that old flash as filler.

Thanks again

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My arms are set up that way, too. I have a japanese half sleeve on my left arm and traditional flash designs filling up my right arm down to the elbow (another half sleeve).

I didn't really plan it out that way it just kind of happened. And my right arm wasn't planned out either, I just got designs I liked by artists I admired. It filled itself out nicely because if you go to a quality artist they will, by default, fit the design in with the rest of your work. Even though I went to all different artists, they still made it all come together seamlessly.

The symmetry is a little off just because of the contrast in styles but I don't mind it as much. Just express your thoughts to your artist(s) and be open to their suggestions because they'll know best how to give you what you want.

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@jimmyirish I took some quick, really bad, laptop cam pics for you.

There was pretty much no coordination between the arms. I like the negative spacing and how each image can stand on its own on my american arm. I also like the coverage and how heavy the japanese arm is. I couldn't decide so I just said I'd get one of each lol.

Understand that your arms will always be a little asymmetric, just a little. The only way, imo, that you might make them more similar would be to get stars & dots filler when you finish the american trad arm. I probably won't go that route just because I like the negative spacing on it. But to each their own.

In the end, overall symmetry wasn't that important to me. I just like tattoos, and wanted both styles.

Sorry for the horrible pic quality, but it's enough to get the idea I think :cool:

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