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Is tattooing an animal inhumane, or is it art? Animal Rights lobbyists exclaim in horror as animals receive decorative tattoos from their owners, claiming that animals can’t choose whether or not to not have the tattoos done.

Read the article and brace your-self to be confused, amazed, not sure how to feel ....




My mind is boggled by this.....WTF

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I know exactly how to feel ! there is no confusion at all ! it's very clear to me ! it's a fucked up thing to do on ANY living animal,

we can easily and humanely chip pets for ID purposes,

any type of tattooing animals should be illegal.

ART ? LOL far from it. FUCK the whole idea and FUCK the people that are doing that !

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1 hour ago, zetroc said:

If anyone thinks that pig is alive, I have some news for them.

the one in the picture above may or may  not be,but did you read the entire article ?

and yes,the entire thing could be bullshit,but just the idea of it repulses me.

either way,a microchip is a much better tool for ID than any piercing or tattoos on any animal.

as far as the "ID" thing goes,my dog is "chipped",I saw the procedure and it was like getting a vaccination ,I certainly would never consider piercing or tattooing an innocent animal.

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