Jacksonville Imperial Tattoo & Art Festival

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Apparently Unify Tattoo out of St. Augustine and Inksmith & Rogers is putting together a little convention with some nice guests.  Anyone else in the area going to show up?

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Went ALL THREE DAYS to this AMAZING event!!!  It was my first convention but won’t be my last!  All Artists were TOP TIER by invitation only.  I got to meet MASTERS such as Oliver Peck, James Vaughn, Lil D, Ami James, Duffy Fortner, Mr Eric InkSmith  and Gidget, Mike Wilson and Kane Gordon tattooed like BEASTS non stop!  Bob Tyrell was there, and I got to meet my personal pick for InkMaster Josh Payne!  Can’t wait for next year!  Angelo Miller is an incredible guy, and did an absolute impeccable job of planning and organizing this event!  BRAVO!

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    • Hello, new to the forum, I had some questions about white ink. I got a black and grey half sleeve in 2 sessions last year. September and December. I got some white highlights that have seemed to never heal properly. Some spots are red and raised, while others are normal looking. It's been 6 months since my second session and I still have raised spots. Is this normal? I went back to the shop after my first session and they were like yeah that's fine, nothing to worry about.  I've included some pictures.    Thanks for any input!
    • A picture or two would help us provide the realistic possibilities . . . 
    • It depends. If it's a big dark, poorly done tattoo, it might be hard. If it's a small, light, faded tattoo, it will be a lot easier. Make sure you get someone really experienced with coverups. Look at samples of their work. I've seen coverups that were worse than the original. I was getting tattooed one day and this woman comes in with one of the most amateurish, God awful tattoos I've ever seen. It was a cover up. After she was gone my artist looks at me and said, "That looks like Arnold Schwartzenager climbing out of a tar pit."
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