Jacksonville Imperial Tattoo & Art Festival

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Apparently Unify Tattoo out of St. Augustine and Inksmith & Rogers is putting together a little convention with some nice guests.  Anyone else in the area going to show up?

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Went ALL THREE DAYS to this AMAZING event!!!  It was my first convention but won’t be my last!  All Artists were TOP TIER by invitation only.  I got to meet MASTERS such as Oliver Peck, James Vaughn, Lil D, Ami James, Duffy Fortner, Mr Eric InkSmith  and Gidget, Mike Wilson and Kane Gordon tattooed like BEASTS non stop!  Bob Tyrell was there, and I got to meet my personal pick for InkMaster Josh Payne!  Can’t wait for next year!  Angelo Miller is an incredible guy, and did an absolute impeccable job of planning and organizing this event!  BRAVO!

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    • I posted before when we opened cast iron tattoo so proud of my wife she’s the artist.  But now I’m here to share a bit more.  We were just on the news.  Started a campaign for domestic violence victims.    https://www.khq.com/news/davenport-tattoo-artist-offering-free-cover-ups-to-victims-of/article_aa4371ca-16dd-11ea-83ee-3fc2d6a348ce.html   And we are blowing up.  Problem is we are a tiny shop one artist in a small town.  Now having a hell of a time trying to balance doing the free stuff.  Trying to get grants to help cover expenses for those.  And doing enough paying work to say open but still help victims and somehow manage to have personal lives.     that said if anyone can help spread the word.  We don’t want to turn anyone away but bookings for victims for free cover ups are now booked through March leaving only enough openings to hopefully Book enough paying work to balance it all it.  If you want to help more start your own campaign or if your near Spokane join our campaign.  Or even more get in touch with us and ask us how you can help. 
    • I don’t know that they would have to or even would. For a tattoo that small it wouldn’t surprise me if they just went over the whole thing again to keep it even. Talk to your artist and let them make the decision to go over the entire thing or not. Also let them decide if you should wait longer before the touch up. There is no reason to think it would heal any faster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • They gotta go over the whole thing?? I was hoping just the one part 😔. Another month???? Gosh. Will it heal quicker this time around? 
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