New Ed Hardy book is a must!

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This book proves why he is the boss, will always be the boss, and why the young pups need to listen and learn. I would gladly have most of these images tattooed on me! This guy was killing it as a kid and worked his ass off drawing, drawing, and more drawing! As usual, Ed Did It First!!! 🙏







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I know I mentioned the incredible Devita show in a very recent post, but the Ed show at Kings Avenue a few years back was next level awesome. They had a lot of this stuff from his childhood and a million other cool pieces. A friend and I each got tattooed that day, and while he got the classic Hardy gorilla on him, I got to check out a ton of stuff. Trevor actually opened up some classic sketches, stencils, and old flash and let a few of us flip through it. I'm sure this book is more than representative of that and awesome.

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