Advancements in tattooing

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When most things become popular there always seems to be advancements in the technology. Companies see the opportunities and put money into R&D, even if it's not something they've done before.

It seems to me that tattooing is at what's probably the crest of its popularity and as such should be seeing some advancements. Is anyone doing this? Is there any improvements that can actually be made?

I realize it an age old tech, but just about everything can be improved.

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46 minutes ago, Princess Sparkle Mittens said:

There will likely be improvements in inks that make them less likely to migrate or fade. 

That's what got me thinking about the whole subject. Seems like there could be a way to do that... as long as it didn't make ink a thousand dollars a bottle.

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Rotaries are a thing now, and needle/tube combos that aren't much bigger than the end of your pinky and snap right on the end of some of the new wand style rotaries. Inks are definitely improved Eric Perfect talked about there being recipes with listerine in the ink mixture when someone first told them one of their recipes.

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