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    guitguy reacted to JAC1961 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    I'm super stoked. Yesterday I started my second tattoo, a tiger half sleeve on my left arm.  Done by Jeff Stress at Enso Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio.  I'll try to get better pics, this one is right after the fact.  Two things that amazed me, that it only took Kevin 2 hours and how much the pain level can change in just a matter of a couple inches.

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    guitguy reacted to Dan in New one!   
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    guitguy reacted to pfj99 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    My white tiger was finished today!    I love it.
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    guitguy reacted to rdinak in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    latest session on the dragon project tonight. Tried some  wonderful cream for those longer projects.

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    guitguy reacted to IX XV LXXXVIII in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Aaaannnndddd one more: this tiger is an add on from Colin Baker who works at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, CA. The tiger wraps around the inside of my right thigh. The Lady Warrior tattoo was completed in August earlier this year. The tiger was an add on. He also completed a very intricate Rat Warrior (yup the Chinese zodiac thing is lit on my leg), but that one was done on the back of my thigh. When I can figure out how to do a 360 degree shot of my leg, I'll post pictures of the complete battle scene. The Chinese calligraphy that I posted above, compliments this battle scene. Loosely translated it means: Brave woman, escape the ordinary. 

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    guitguy reacted to cibo in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    and a better pic, can't wait to add some colour :)

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    guitguy reacted to cibo in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    yearly trip to see scottSylvia, always great spending time with him
    1st session done, super happy :)

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    guitguy reacted to Colored Guy in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Last night, about 3.5 hours to complete this one. Cover up of an old demon head from 1979 and other work I didn't like done in 2008.

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    guitguy reacted to Gingerninja in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Here's my healed mini-eagle from Grez... His name is Greagle. :) Coverup of a really, really bad tattoo...

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    guitguy got a reaction from bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Doesn't get much more killer than this. Dude, you're a beast, and I mean that in the best possible way ;)
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    guitguy reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    action shot

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    guitguy reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    geez posting up for LST viewing pleasure and I haven't even removed the bandages yet this morning !
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    guitguy reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Finished the pit rippers ! The first session lined both, this second session we finished em up. Challenging second sit but a strong finish, where's my bactine sponsorship ?! Made with expertise by Handsome Dick tatts at Champion Tattoo in the Champion City, Alberta, Canada, Earth.

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    guitguy reacted to AtomicMagpye in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    7 magpies finished - 

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    guitguy reacted to GlaryMilberg in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Went to Smith Street about two months ago and had the opportunity to grab this NYC rat from Bert. It's above my ankle. Pretty thrilled.

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    guitguy reacted to SStu in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Shit. I'd have gone in just to gaze in wonder and have the remote possibility of shaking his hand and thanking him for all he's done for tattooing!!
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    guitguy reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Tattoo #49 in the Colouring Book by one of my fave dudes Shawn Hedley at Champion Tattoo Edmonton, AB. This is now officially THE smallest tattoo in my bodysuit (it's about the size of a $0.25). 
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    guitguy reacted to Hands On in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    finally got the nerve to go onto the chest and decided on Walter McDonald at the Bay Area Convention. flipping thru his books of designs took FOREVER!.. the dude puts out so much work, Adam Shrewsbury called him maniacal.  i fell in love with two different designs that fit the center and chest panel well. The center eye was actually dice in Walt's original design, but i asked him to change it up and he gladly did. he's a great dude with a glowing personality! now i just have to find something to fill that empty space to the right and perhaps the collarbone... although i'm not looking forward to the pain that would bring me. even just the tips of that glow were felt in my teeth. strange sensation, but damn stoked on the result!
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    guitguy reacted to RoryQ in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Chris Smith, Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago. The ship itself was done last year, just finished the background and flowers this time around ... Last Thursday.
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    guitguy reacted to LizBee in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Brand new shoulderblade piece, 4 days old. Inspired by the cedar waxwing, my favorite bird, and my grandma's pansies (she would have been 120 years old on Friday!) Tattoo by Darcy Nutt at the Richmond convention, blending in beautifully with her previous work the past two years on my SA cichlid/floral half-sleeve. I'm definitely one of Darcy's "nuts"
    P.S. All of Darcy's tattoos are free hand

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    guitguy reacted to SStu in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    @Emil I wanna double-like that frog!
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    guitguy reacted to Emil in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got this weird little frog today from one of my favourite local tattooers at the moment.
    Done by Tato Toby at Thank You Tattoo, Copenhagen.
    Photo borrowed from Toby's Instagram

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    guitguy reacted to Mr_Spaghetti in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Finished off this eagle/snake with Grez a few weeks ago. Hard to get a good photo by myself!

    Also got this weird reaper from Chad around the same time. For the first time I'm having trouble healing red ink but it's getting there! 

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    guitguy reacted to oboogie in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got this all-seeing eye a week or so ago from my friend/artist Josh Henderson. Just something from some flash he'd been drawing. Currently saving up to finish up the sleeve on my right arm, but I was having withdrawal. Hahaha.

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    guitguy reacted to el twe in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Bumping this for others to re-up their latest tattoos.  Here's one on me by Jeff P. at Art Work Rebels from earlier this summer: