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  1. Yeah, I was planning on that too. :p
  2. Hey guys, long time no see. I'm planning on setting up an appointment this Tuesday to get my second tattoo done, but I'm not quite sure where I want it yet. I was thinking of putting it on my ribs because I'm not sure the picture would translate well anywhere else. I was hoping I could just get some other opinions on where you guys think it might be best, hopefully the attachment isn't super small and you can actually see what the hell it is. For the curious, it's a drawing by Ralph Steadman, of Hunter S. Thompson.
  3. injek

    It's Just Me

    That's such a great drawing, it's a shame it's gotta go. Jerry's the reason I wanted tattoos in the first place, I think it's always gonna bum me out to hear stories like this. :p Anywho, welcome aboard, sailor!
  4. Not a very good one, that's for sure.
  5. Apologies for the janky-ass picture, I had to take it myself. It's on the back of my arm so it took a lot longer than it should've to actually get the fucking thing in the shot. :p
  6. injek

    The Last of Us

    It's a fun game, there's no doubt about that. I've still yet to play anything as emotionally impacting and disturbing as the original Bioshock, though. There's a plastic surgeon who becomes obsessed with asymmetry and starts tearing apart people's faces (come in for a nose-job, leave with one lip six inches higher than the rest and your nose stitched back on sideways) in order to make them truly "beautiful". You've also the failed artist who coats people in plaster and then slits their throats. He asks you to murder his former friends, photograph the corpses and bring the pictures to him so he
  7. I'm amazed how perfectly straight her lines are, considering she's pretty much hammering it into you. I mean, granted, you do anything for 64 years solid and you'll get good at it, but even when the ink was obstructing the tattoo she still knew where she was and where the next part goes. There's only one explanation; she's a wizard. It makes me sad to think that one day this form of tattooing might be gone forever. I never had a bucket list before, but I just made one and getting a tattoo like this from someone like her is at the top. Well, okay, it's the entire list, but that' not the point
  8. injek

    Book thread

    I just started reading Joyland by Stephen King. I have to say, I think it's his best book in a while. If you've any interest in his work, I'd highly recommend giving it a go.
  9. Speaking of elbow tattoos; scale of 1-10, how painful? I know everybody obviously handles pain differently, but I consider myself to be a big softy (though I did fracture my wrist and went ~3 weeks without knowing until I finally got fed up and got it looked at, so there's that, I guess. :rolleyes:) and a general idea of what to expect would be appreciated. I'm planning on getting a spider web with a sugar skull in the middle, and a couple of flowers beside that in a laurel wreath fashion.
  10. I replied earlier, but I guess the internet ate it. Anyway, I'm really, really glad I found this place. Otherwise I might've ended up with that stupid fucking heart tattoo because "WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE!". Euch. I need to stop trying so hard to shoehorn a meaning into it, so I can justify getting it to other people. Every tattoo I was considering getting is out, now all I want is a Mike Giant inspired tattoo. You're absolutely right, I was getting so caught up in envisioning how it would look, I never stopped to take into consideration that I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. I c
  11. Fair enough, yeah. After looking at some of his stuff I definitely see what you're saying. You're probably right about that, too, I guess I just go so wrapped up in how I envisioned it turning out that I forgot I'm not getting it done by a robot. :p I'm from Oakville (Ontario, Canada) but we might as well just say Toronto so you actually know where that is, lol. I posted this link in another thread, but I was thinking of going here; Good Point Tattoos
  12. Good Point Tattoos Now, I'm not nearly as experienced with tattoos as you guys (I'm getting my first one next month) but they seem proper to me. I'd love to get down to San Fran to have one of them do it, but I turn nineteen next month. I'm not exactly rolling in cash from my electrical apprenticeship, lol, so getting there from Ontario Canada might be tricky. I dunno, maybe it'd be better to just wait till I can afford the trip and then do it. It's not like I'm short on time and I've always wanted to go down there anyway. Also, how would you guys rate their work? The shop is literally, hon
  13. It's like my grade nine art class all over again..
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