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Ed Hardy Tattoo the World


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I ended up at the 'Tattoo the World' release last night in NYC.

I've commented a few times on other social networking posts, but... it's surreal to be the most visibly tattooed person at an Ed Hardy event. They had some of his art on display but no copies of the film. Which was weird for a release event!

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So this was the official release? I have heard of screenings here and there, but never made any of them. I guess what I am getting at is it available for purchase? I check Netflix and it's not on there.

I felt the same way at a screening of Hori Smoku. It was a bunch of people with little or no tattoos drinking free rum and taking pictures in front of Sailor Jerry flash backdrop, but the movie was great and I had a couple drinks myself and if I recall it was free admission.

Edit: Looks like it is available online and it shows that I can possibly get it at my local target, but I don't buy that (they probably just have the Ed Hardy floor mats for my car)

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I thought you could get the DVD on the site.. guess not.

I went to a screening in LA last year and the small theater was about half full. He did a little Q+A at the end, which was pretty awesome even though most people were asking kind of inane questions. I hung around because I decided, "I will meet Ed Hardy," which I did and was probably super awkward about it. Then I saw Bob Roberts and hurried out the door..

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Tattoo the World DVD launch party

Sept. 13, 2011 7-9 pm

I-20 Gallery 557 West 23rd Street (212) 645-1100 (Hardy art installation on display)

Ed Hardy will be in attendance!

DVDs will be available for purchase on Sept. 20, 2011. Information will be available on this website.

This is from Ed Hardy Tattoo the World | A documentary film by Emiko Omori

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