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    • so, no insight when everyone has said to let it fully heal first ? don't over moisturize it, can't tell with scarring yet, and yes, sounds to me like a little paranoia , take a breath, relax, and take a look at it in 6 weeks and see if it needs a touch up then. and I agree with @oboogie  , it's a tattoo, not a tat. that annoys me too.
    • But I'll tell you. That isn't scarring. That tattoo is healing. I've had an infected tattoo due to an ink my body didn't agree with and rejected. It was badly scarred. It was tattooed over. It didn't hurt, it looks fine, and you can't see any scarring. But again, that's not scarring. That's just plain old healing. Now you know.
    • The same questions are asked over and over and over again, and they have been answered over and over and over again. Your questions aren't new. They have been answered. If you don't find search helpful, welp, I guess this isn't the place for you. I've been coming here for a number of years, and people are sarcastic and funny and helpful. But putting up sassy memes in every reply isn't really cute or particularly indicative of your want to be liked or assisted. But you do you, boo. Have fun with your little meme folder. Good luck.
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