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We do this thing on the Jalopy Journal(an online forum for hot rodders) featuring an occasional friday art show where Pinstripers and the like share their artwork. Some really cool stuff would be shown, and I think that would be a fun event for this forum. So how about a picture of your favorite painting(s)?

I'll start with this one, it's a liquid acrylic and coffee stained painting featuring Hans "King Whiskers" Langseth...Guinness World Record holder for longest beard.

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Ok well, let's see. Hope this helps build the thread. Not really sure if there's any theme or anything here or if we are just posting work.

So here:

Our shop (Anonymous Tattoo) just had an opening for a show of paintings we've all been working on and planning for the past 9 months or so.

We each did two body suit paintings. However we felt like doing them. Some are very tattoo-ish some are more painterly and loose.

Hope you enjoy.

First up is Clay McCay.

His are titled: "Kundalini" and "dragon"

Acrylic on wood. I think they're like 7 feet tall. by probably 3 wide.









Next is Kim Reed.

Hers are titled: "Garden of Eden 1 & 2"

Oil on canvas







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next is our counter guy, Matte Wagner.

He does a lot of cool collage shit.

His is titled "Evolutionarianism"

It's a digital collage on paper. Mounted on wood.




Here's mine. It's a front and back of the same imaginary person.

They are titled: "A Travelling Man 1 & 2"

Ink and watercolor on paper. Mounted on wood, and shellaced.









Thanks. Hope you enjoyed.

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On another note, my friend and coworker Lefty has recently been doing many trades with other painters whom he respects. They would each paint a smaller piece (5"x7"ish) in trade. I really liked that idea. So if anyone is interested, I'd love to paint some smaller stuff and trade with any of you good folks in the hopes of filling a very bare wall at work.

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i just ordered a huge lot of vintage photographs to continue my collection, and i'm about to buy a new sketchbook. hopefully i'll have some new art soon...

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