Tattooers and Tattoo Customers Favorite TV Shows

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What shows do you watch regularly on TV and/or Netflix?

For me it is Criminal Minds, Dexter, Modern Family, and Iron Chef.

What are yours?????

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Law and Order SVU, Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy pretty much. i really want to see Breaking Bad too, but it's not on Netflix instant yet (and i hate getting regular DVDs in the mail now). been getting into Dexter too, but i'm not hooked yet. oh and i love Curb Your Enthusiasm and Strangers with Candy, but i've pretty much seen all of the episodes that exist for both (as well as the SWC movie.)

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It's Always Sunny and Arrested Development are awesome, but i don't have the time to watch either these days (and yes, Arrested Development is on NF Instant so it's easier to watch, but still haven't quite gotten hooked on it.) i'll watch pretty much anything David Cross is involved in.

oh Staebler, don't even get me started D. only TV/Hollywood crush i've ever had. Christopher Meloni (the actor who plays him) also plays some other funny and interesting characters including Freakshow and Grand Wizard in Harold and Kumar, and the voice of Spike from the TV show Dinosaurs ("Not the Mama!").

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SVU is the best show on TV. I hope to be like Stabler one day.

Also Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Its almost too funny.


I LOVE Arrested Development. Have Season 1 on DVD. Tobias is the best. My gay work nubby and I were at a bar once and saw a Gob lookalike. We called him Gob the entire night. Not sure if he got it or was too drunk to notice. It's kinda hard to pick a fave character on that show. And if you love David Cross, you should definitely read his book, I Drink for a Reason. If you read it in a public place, be prepared for the weird looks you'll receive as you laugh loudly to yourself.

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