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Sup pals. My collection [PICTURES inside]


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New to LST. Some of you may know me from Everytattoo. From Ontario, Canada. I'm a pretty simple pal.

I like nature, way too much music, video games, blood, comic books/action figures, westerns, and of course tattoos.

I figure I'm sitting at around 50% total body coverage. I'm only 25 though, so I'm in no rush to complete my artwork.

I started with large scale, concealable work (leg sleeve, then ribs) Only more recently have I had visable (arms) work done.

I don't think I'll ever do my neck/hands, however, I'll probably end up covered everywhere else. As much as I love the look of hand/knuckle tattoos, I even moreso enjoy the concept of being able to totally conceal my work whilst dressed. Shrug. Anyways, here's some pictures.








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