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Tattoo scabbing question!

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Hello everyone! Hope everyones weekend went well. I was wondering if lines can appear to be crooked or not completely straight if it is scabbing right near the line work? I got the coloring finished and a little spot scabbed up but the rest is already finished peeling. The spot where it scabbed is under a line and makes it crooked. I dont know if its just because the scab is tightening my skin and making it appear this way or what! Will it stay this way making it have to be touched up?

Thanks everyone!!!


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Hey @Matt22091 the LST crew have set up another section for Tattoo Advice which you can find here Tattoo Advice | General Tattoo Forum | Last Sparrow Tattoo

So as not to appear to be a completely inconsiderate bastard, my advice would be to just let it completely settle (could be another week or two) and if you still have the issue either post a pic or go back and ask the tattooer what they think ;)

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Not a worry at all Matt. Best not to over think it and just let it do its thing. If it does need a bit of a touch up, so be it. I'm sure your tattooer will be happy to help. And to be fair I think everyone was the exact same way when they where first getting tattooed ;) and then after a while you start worrying less and less

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Wait till its healed to make a judgement call on it. Besides if you over analyze any tattoo you will find tiny imperfections. I made this mistake as well.

Also a picture would be useful

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This may be a little off topic, and I don't want to hijack anything, but I have some information that may be helpful to you Matt. I had a problem with scabbing for a long time myself, and never could figure it out. My wife though has never had any trouble with tattoos scabbing and she lotions like 90% of her body every day... like I guess a lot of women do. Anyhow... I tried it out, I lotioned the area that was going to be tattooed for about 2 weeks prior to the tattoo and had my first tattoo ever that didn't scab at all. I've done that on a couple since, and have been pleased with the results.

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Thanks for the advice. I found it very helpful. Do your scabs usualy look like this or worse? What should I do with my scab, should I wash it or keep it dry until the scab falls off? Do you think I will be fine or need a touchup? Thanks so much!

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the lines on that tattoo look awesome. i almost hope that ones crooked haha. even if it had a kink in it the rest of the lines would make it a clean tattoo. the scab is decent but they happen. ive left bigger scabs on people and had bigger scabs left on me.

honestly, tattooers dont recommend this really, and i dont generally tell clients to do this but if i have a stubborn scab on a tattoo that i want to get rid of i just use polysporin, or bacitrin. if the rest of the tattoo is peeled i really dont see it effecting its colour. but a good scab can hold on for a while with just a bit of moisturizer here and there to help it along. and once the scab falls off, the skin can stay dry and scaley for a while after. i just treat it like i would a scab anywhere. i want to clarify i would never heal a tattoo with a medicated ointment like polysporin. i would only use it to heal a scab once my tattooo has peeled. especially one in a high wear area like the bend in the arm or the elbow.

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Hunter does good solid tattoos!

My guess is that it will heal in perfect and if it really bothers you then he would be the one to talk to about it once it is fully healed in!

Some people seem to scab worse than others....just leave it be and it should be fine!

Thanks bunny and congratulations on the apprentice!!! :)

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does anyone else get huge scabs where they got black ink in their tattoos?

I'm not thinking it's so much an "ink" problem, but instead partly a "skin" and ability to heal thing and partly a "tattoist's method" result.

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      Any opinions?
    • By Steve
      Thread closed - this falls under this rule:
      Do not start threads asking about specific tattooing equipment or techniques, LST is not here to teach anyone how to tattoo. Ask your own tattooer, the next time you are getting tattooed. Maybe they'll answer you, maybe they won't.