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New member - from Denmark!


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Hi everyone!

I've been a member for a long time, so thought I'd become a bit more active.

Just a short introduction:

I'm a 24-year-old girl from Denmark, currently living in Australia! In Mid-December I'll go back to Denmark and in January I'll start a tattoo apprenticeship I was offered in August, just before I went to Australia.

I love tattoos (obviously!), piercings, do lots of drawing, reading, spend time with friends/family, meeting new people, experiencing new things, challenging myself..

I'm here to learn more about the tattoo "world" and meet people with the same passion for tattoos as I have :)

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Yeah, I saw that thread, but think I'll start by just oploading to my album. The thread you link to is more for art in general, I think :)

Welcome to LST. What tattoos you got?

So far I only have one feather on my forearm.. In the beginning of December I'll get a rose tattooed and then from January, when I start my apprenticeship, I'll hopefully also start getting more tattoos! :)

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Yeah, I do :)

I know there's not a lot of tattoo artists who takes on apprentices without a lot of tattoos, and I hadn't counted on getting an apprenticeship as soon as I did (my plan was to improve my drawing skills and get more tattoos first), but then a really good shop close to my hometown put an add up, looking for apprentices.. Of course I had to apply, since it was a unique chance. Honestly I didn't think I'd get the apprenticeship - but I did and I'm extremely thankful for being given the opportunity to learn to tattoo by some great artists..

My coming mentor told me that I should be prepared to get more tattoos - and that's not a problem at all, I want lots of tattoos. I don't want to be one of those tattoo artists without tattoos!

Maybe it's different in Denmark - or maybe it's just the shop that I'll work in, but I know that the two former apprentices also started out with just a few tattoos (actually I think one of them didn't have any tattoos in the beginning), but both of them now have several bigger pieces.

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