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LST Now supports the TapaTalk Mobile App


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Hey folks - I just installed the Tapatalk mobile app system on LST.

it's pretty similar to forum runner, but it supports the 'Likes' system!

It looks like it costs around $3 to purchase for either iPhone or Android, and we don't get paid for that just so you know.

after you install it, you just do a long press on a post to select the 'like' button.

Still no support for the gallery system yet unfortunately..

Forum Runner still works - so now you can choose between either one.

Let me know if you find any errors, issues etc.






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I notice that any time I access the forums through tapatalk, I get a message saying "failed to connect to forum, contact forum administrator if problem persists." Then I go on my merry browsing as if nothing ever happened. Doesn't seem to affect my use of the forums, guess it's just one of those things.

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I use TapaTalk on my tablet. Very happy to see that you have added it here! (BTW, "Like" works for me, although it gives an error)

The Like feature appear to work from Tapatalk, but then when you refresh you'll notice that your like has disappeared.

This is an ongoing issue that has not been resolved by Tapatalk yet, several other forum owners are complaining about the same thing.

There is even a different 'like' system that I would be willing to switch to, but it also does not work in Tapatalk.

Unfortunately there is no other forum app out there that has supports this feature either.

I do plan to migrate LST to a new software platform entirely sometime in the next year hopefully, and once that is done, we wont even need tapatalk because the site will be fully responsive and will just reflow to work on any size screen, complete with all the features that work on the full desktop size.

Tapatalk will also work on the new version, and the like system does work in that one if you prefer tapatalk over the 'responsive' version for some reason.

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