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Hey guys, I need some help/inspiration for my first tattoo :) Please excuse my poor english my native language is german ;)

I've planned to get my first Tattoo. The reason why I want a Tattoo is a bit different compared with other people I guess. I'm actually not the kind of person who's getting tattoos even I really like them (not all sort of tattoos ofc). The reason why I want to get a Tattoo is to cover a ugly-looking but harmless spot/mark (5*10cm) on my chest and some small scars. Some people might tell me now that this is a wrong motivation for getting a tattoo and I do agree with them partly but not completly. I had been thinking about this for 2 years and I came to the decision that I prefer getting a goodlooking tattoo instead of having a terrible-looking chest. So the decision that I want this tattoo is 100% considered and definitly

I've already chosen the place where I'd like to get my tattoo: www.giahi.ch/tattoo-239.html

But before I go there I want to prepare myself (having an idea what I want) and I hope that you can help me

www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/f7fe48-1361474964.jpg This is a picture of the chest. The black part is the part where I'd like to have the tattoo (not exact, just roughly ofcourse). The Red area is the mark/spot. The blue points are the scars.

I've been looking through thousands tattoo websites for 2 weeks and I came to the decision that I like most the Tribal ones, especially the black and grey tribals (I dont know If you can name them this way).

For example: www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/596021-1361475206.jpg or www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/c76080-1361475392.jpg

In my case, the most important thing is that my mark and my scars get covered. I think with a Tattoo as showed in the last 2 pictures it would be easy to cover small scars. The problem is, that it won't cover the big mark/spot. I assume that for the mark/spot I need dark and strong colour.

So my idea is actually that the Tattoo should be kind of splitted in 2 parts (with a transition ofcourse). The upper part should be something as showed in the pictures and the bottom part should be the same style but covering the mark/spot (maybe a tribal with a background? I have no idea ). Actually I'd like to use only black colour but I assume that this won't work to cover my mark.

Do you have any idea for me to master this? I'm a really not creative person and I'd really like to get some inputs from creative people :)

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1stly, your reason for getting a tattoo is not that unusual. Go for it.

Good that you're doing plenty of research.

I'm not personally a real fan of most tribal, but at least Pascal in that particular shop seems to be doing better than average.

A picture of the actual mark and scars would help the tattooists here make an opinion of how hard this might be.

Lastly, don't worry about "not being creative". That's part of what a good artist is being paid to do. Go with your ideas, references and deposit and discuss what you want in detail. He will draw something up and you two can tweak it if/as needed.

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thanks for the answer :)

You're right I really did a lot of research. For me it's a really important case and I don't care how much time and money it costs ;)

here is a picture of the mark and the scars picture

Actually I don't like the usual tribal tattoos I see on the internet because I don't like the hard contrast between darkblack and skin colour. But I really like the shape of these tattoos especially if its kind of black'n'grey with shadows (2 pictures in my first post).

That's why I think that it should be possible to hide the scars with a black'n'grey tribal. But for the mark I have no idea. It should be 1 big tattoo covering scars AND mark ---> so I need something that covers the mark and a transition to the tribal that's covering the scars ( It's kind of difficult to explain but I hope you understand me :D )

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The background of the website on the artist page disturbs me. The "Find us on Facebook" icon is perfectly placed in order to save my eyes.

In my opinion, that large area could be used for something amazing, instead of some random black swishes and lines. There are so many amazing chest piece options. If you want to do some real research, go through this thread.


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In my opinion, that large area could be used for something amazing, instead of some random black swishes and lines. There are so many amazing chest piece options.

The problem is that I don't like any kind of specific motifs like animals, heads, or any particular objects. I really prefer pattern or random symbols. Also I'd prefer using black than other colours. (But i think that finally to cover my mark i need colours anyway).

Keep in mind that you can do tribal or some type of design and it doesn't have to cover the spots exactly to be effective at masking or distracting from the areas that bother you.

Yep I heard of that thing but I'd prefer to cover the whole mark

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I don't think there's anything wrong with tribal, but make sure you go big.

- - - Updated - - -

Also I'd look at some of the people doing more geometric things like Thomas Hooper, Jondix, Tomas Tomas, Xed Le Head, etc. to see different ways that people have taken tribal to give you some inspiration. Also since you're willing to spend some money, get yourself the Tattootime book because it will give you a lot to consider and it's pretty much the greatest thing ever published about tattoos.

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thanks for the answers guys :)

I'm from Switzerland and not from Germany :)

get yourself the Tattootime book

What's that?

Don't try to figure out how you will cover your marks yourself, that is why you are going to a professional - you'll have to "let go" a little for best results.

I have an appointment next week here: Tattoo - Giahi - EN

thanks for the tips Graeme I'll take a look at them

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Tattootime was a magazine that Ed Hardy published in five issues between the early 80s and the early 90s that has just been collected and published in a two-volume hardcover set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first issue coming out. That issue was largely about tribal tattooing and has articles by some really key people in the development of Western tribal tattooing like Ed Hardy, Cliff Raven, and Leo Zulueta, there are some really amazing Cynthia Witkin blackwork tattoos in there, and the whole thing is written with a lot of intelligence and insight and is I think essential for anyone seriously interested in tattoos.

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so, I had my appointment today and I have to admit that the tattoo studio was impressive. 5 floors, a lot of employees, very nice environment it really really looks good.

so firstly I met a guy who does the "first meetings" for discussing. I explained him that I want to cover my mark with some tribal-like black'n'grey. After watching at some pictures he understood what kind of tattoo I like and we went to the specific artist who does the style I like (he's a guest artist from england named "Rod Medina"). He told me that he's able to cover the mark with a black'n'grey tattoo of his style.

I will have another appointment in May for defining the exact tattoo and for inking. I'm very excited :)

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