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Old pirate head design

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Been wondering about this old go-to and Nikki Balls just posted one she did, so thought I'd bring it up. The old pirate head with the knife in his mouth.. anyone know the origins? Been around forever, it seems. I looked through a couple books quick and found a Bert Grimm one but it wasn't the bandana-wearing, shaggy-headed dude. He seems so specific that I wonder if it's like that burly Ed Hardy gorilla head that just keeps getting re-done and tweaked a bit. Any idears? Someone's gotta know.


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6943590438_3f6ed4fb74_b | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I really like this piece of flash. I have been thinking about putting it on my knee,with a spiderweb behind it, for about a year now. I assume that the date on the image I attached is correct. If so then it is older than the Sailor Jerry one that we all know so well.

Yeah, there he is! @Avery Taylor -- why am I not seeing a date on that sheet..?

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