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NYC LST Get together

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Ok guys, I know we fail hard at this in the Northeast, but I spoke with Mr. @gougetheeyes and we found a day that it will be happening! We just need to pick a location, feel free to throw out suggestions.

Date: Sunday, Oct 20th

Time: 2:30pm - whenever

Where: Angelina Cafe - East Village

I made reservations for 10 people (gave some leeway for an extra or two) under the name John

Members confirmed:





@Fala + 1


Below I've mentioned anyone who responded to the other meetup threads.

@ironchef @HaydenRose @G.Uristti @Jack @ShawnPorter @dirbab @Our Endless Days @Bunny Switchblade @Fala @CultExciter @Joe Shit @

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Sorry I missed the where's the get-together happening bit.

We don't have a definite location yet but we got some contenders (at least in my head). I'm gunna say somewhere in the Village or LES, as I know those areas kinda well. I was am gunna say we meet at a bar or bar/restaurant as they are easy locations to meet up at. Suggestions welcome!

My ideas so far:

Spitzer's (LES)

Top Hops (LES)

Peculiar Pub (Greenwich)

Radegast (Brooklyn so probably not)

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Yup! I'll happily defer the choice to someone else, I think LES would be great though. I'm woefully behind with the bar scene anywhere outside of my neighborhood (and even then, I'm becoming an old fogey with a handful of favorites irrespective of popularity/"hipness".)

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So because we are getting close lets narrow down the location.


Spitzer's (LES)

Top Hops (LES)

Peculiar Pub (Greenwich)

169 Bar (LES)

Iggy's (LES)

Everyone vote on one of them so we can call it official. Just quote this message so I can tally em!

169 Bar sounds good to me!

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