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Tattooing to be banned in France?


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If you actually read what they're going on about (here) there's nothing banning tattooing, but they are outlawing carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic ingredients (list here) being used in tattoo pigment. How much does this affect tattoo pigment in reality? I don't know.

All of that said, I do know that prior to this law, France was already strict about regulating pigments, and that the regulations haven't stopped anybody from using whatever pigments they want to use. It's a non-issue.

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The petition is to keep the use of coloured pigments. "Despite more lenient legislature currently in effect in Europe' date=' the French government has decided to ban the use of the majority of colored tattooing inks, starting December 31, 2013."[/quote']

Cool thanks for the clear interpretation!

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Living at the border of France and always being tattoed in a french tattoo artist, I could inform you from my point of view:

French state was crazy. In last quarter 2013 they have afraid all tattoo world by suddendly making a law project to cancel 59 of the 153 ingredients used in tattoing inks... New reglementation should have taken place at 1rst January 2014... French tattoo artists and their customers were really shocked as this law is concerning 90% of the tattoing inks. In other words, the tattoers would have had 2 choices if law become elligible: tattoing in black/grey only in their shops or tattoing still people in colours but at home and ILLEGALLY of course... like in the time of alcoohol prohibition in Chicago.. Yeah baby Yeah

Reasons to forbidden these ink ingredients were not pretty clear: State is assuming they are carcinogenic.. but no medical evidence tests behind.

Finally, a syndicate of tattoo artists went to discuss with the State healthy and Safety authorithies and finally managed to cancel at last minute this law project. They took opportunity to work together and reinforce some dark some like the traceability and ingredients on the ink stickers.

I'm so happy this law was not published. Like that, I can still go to my french tattoo artist and perform tattoo in colours.. But this episode had an impact on tattoed people because we learnt that MAYBE, it's POSSIBLE that some ingredients in our coloured tattoo currently in our skin COULD be toxic or carcinogenic .... the only thing is maybe no medical labatories didn't prove it at 100% till now...:confused:

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