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Greetings from Asbury Park!!!

Patrick Bateman

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Well not really from Asbury Park, I just felt it fits with the postcard. haha

My name is John and I'm from Hudson County, New Jersey.

A very good friend of mine suggested checking this site out so I've lurked it for a few months and decided to join.

At 31 years old, I just got my first tattoo this past May. Though I've been into art for years, tattoos have been something I've been into since my teens. I was always hesitant because I didn't want to live with that "regretful" tattoo mixed with not being able to afford a good artist.

Finally as i began my diet at 360 pounds, I kept saying to myself I'm going to get a tattoo when I lost 25 pounds. I got past 25 pounds then bumped it up to 50 pounds. Past that mark then 100 pounds. Past that and finally said when i lost 125 pounds I'm going to get a tattoo.

FINALLY I got up to 128 pounds lost (currently weighing in at 232 pounds). I decided that's it I'm doing it. I began booking appointments with specific artists that I have either followed or researched. I have appointments this November 2014 and October of 2015.

BUT Being a fan of Luke Wessman's artwork and life story since about July of 2013. I needed him to do my first tattoo.

Went to Wooster Street Social Club and he took me as a walk-in. Having his talent, great back story and awesome conversation only fueled the fire of getting more tattoos that mark specific parts of my life.

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Congrats on working on your health and finding success! And, congrats on your first ink! I received my first a couple weeks age and although I don't have appointments, I do plan for future work also. Keep up the good work, that has to be a huge challenge and you've made great progress.

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Congrats on the weight loss...I'm about 330lbs,and would like to lose about 75lbs.Mostly just have a big gut.I would actually just like to see my penis when I'm pissing,and then I'll celebrate with a new tattoo.Check out @ Electric tattoo near Asbury Park.And who you have an appt. with in Nov.

Hey bro, my friend goes to see Rob Ryan every so often.

November 2014 I'm going to see Steve Wimmer in Delaware.

October 2015 I'm going to see Rich Pineda in Cali.

'Greetings From Asbury Park' the title of one of the very greatest records of all time! Welcome!

Another reason why I chose that particular greeting :D

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