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Paramedical tattooing

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This is a nice interview with Basma Hameed about her experience being doused with hot oil as a 2 year old.

We have some threads about tattoos and scars, but I don't think anything like this.

--- http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/5489-our-imperfect-skin-scars-stretch-marks-more.html


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I've seen articles on how women get nipple tattoos if they end up with a mastectomy. It only makes sense to carry that over to other scarring. I wonder if people will start approaching tattoo artists to get this kind of stuff done if news becomes more main stream.

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Wow, that's really neat. I wonder if paramedical tattooing would work for facial vitiligo (unpigmented patches). Granted, vitiligo isn't always as noticeable as scarring or burns, but I know lots of people with vitiligo would be thrilled if tattooing became a cover-up option. I remember asking my dermatologist, when I was a kid, if they could just inject pigment into my vitiligo patches.

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