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Hello! Nice to meet you all!


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I was looking for this place like this a long time (yeah...who would've thought of writing on google "tattoo forums" :| ).

I've always want to do a tattoo and was always scared about the pain...but no more! I'm going to make one!

So I've got a question for your guys...

My sister got a Kanji of some word, and I want to do the same thing but only with cherry blossom like this one:



 I really want to know what her kanji says, so we both have the same tattoo (bonding stuff).

I'm attaching a photo with the Kanji.

Does anyone knows what does it means??

She told me it's "Together"...but I just want to make sure.



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17 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

Hi! Are you saying that you want the kanji in (re: made with) cherry blossoms?

No, no!

I've meant that the Kanji will be next/on the cherry blossom...although I've red about "double exposure" tattoos...but I think it won't work with a small kanji :\   

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