Aftercare worse than getting tattooed!

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I'm new to both the forum and tattoos and figured I'd say hi! 
Got my very first tattoo (see pictures) on the 11th of May, and I'm going back for colour on it and my second thigh piece on the 29th! I can already see how this is going to become a very addictive hobby, haha.  First session was about 3h, and while I was absurdly nervous beforehand it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. In fact, I found the aftercare and pain afterwards significantly worse. Anyone else? 

Hope you're all well! 


Done by Ian Parkin, in Newcastle, UK. 








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That looks bloody awesome! Congrats.
But no in my experience the tattoo was real Fukn painful and as soon as he stopped buzzing no pain afterwards or during aftercare even came close.
There are tonnes of great aftercare tips on here though to help you find one that suits you best, have a browse :)

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Nice one!

Depending on the location, I've found some spots harder to heal than be tattooed. People always ask "did that hurt" to get it done, not realizing the pain doesn't stop when the needle does! My inner biceps were raw and swollen and even just my t-shirt brushing against it hurt like hell. Of course the tattooing process hurt a lot too. :2_grimacing: When I had my lower leg done, every time I had to stand after sitting/laying for any amount of time, it felt like my leg was covered in bruises and someone had it in a vice. I guess it's because of that initial blood rush. I had that a little with my thigh too but not as bad. Generally it's not too bad though.

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I guess that I'm super lucky as aftercare, for me, isn't an issue (knock on wood). I'm fanatical about wound care, so it's just about managing the area for cleanliness and no rubbing. Maybe I haven't had the 'rough spots' tattooed like hands, feet or any ditches but to date I've never had any real issues with any part of my back, ribs, spine, butt or thighs. For me, it's all about the Tegaderm. :)

Great tattoo and welcome!



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